christians that belive in evolution?

why do some of u cristians believe in evolution i have a video that will help you guys to believe in the word of god more go and see this cid on youtube:100 Reasons Evolution is Stupid Part 1

this vid wil help u

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    Dibs on arguing the first 5 reasons!

    ADD: Oh no no no. That's Kent Hovind! He lied about his credentials, and is in jail now!

    Kk, I'll get back on the first 5.

    Ok, here we go:

    Hovind defines evolution by completely deceitful ways! He says evolution is all these different scientific fields outside of evolution theory, which is only about biological evolution. This tactic is a deliberate method of trying to confuse the audience over what evolution actually is!

    1. Big Bang.

    Hovind says there no evidence, and then spreads the misconceptions which we still hear today about there being nothing, then a big explosion! Which is not what cosmologists have said! Why does Hovind have to lie and mislead?

    Bing Bang theory was formed on observed evidence, and then made predictions about what we should and shouldn't find, which are tested and peer reviewed. Thus far, Big Bang theory has only become better supported, to the point that several billion dollars was spent to build the Large Hadron Collider which will run test to see what the universe looked like right after the Big Bang.

    2. Chemical evolution:

    Again, this is not evolution theory, it is cosmology, and isn't even about theory. Hovind says that "evolutionists" claim only two elements were formed in the beginning, and asks "where did we get 92 elements?!"

    Well we know that, already, and have for a long time (it's taught in most high schools), and with the credentials Hovind claims, you'd think he'd know, too. (They come from the interactions in stars, JIK someone doesn't know this).

    3. Stellar and planetary evolution:

    Again, Hovind is saying evolutionists believe something which is completely outside of evolution theory. Nevertheless, all one has to do is a Google search for things like "birth of star" or "birth of planet" to see every step of the formation of stars and planets in photographs.

    4. Organic evolution (abiogenesis).

    Hovind again says that evolutionists believe/claim that life had to form from non-living matter, but evolution theory doesn't deal with how life got started. Hovind uses the old shocker "how can life from non-living matter," which is exactly what we're trying to find out. But instead of being truly interested in finding out, he tosses it out as something so unbelievable that it can't be true, like the earth being round and the sun being at the center of the galaxy, I suppose.

    Here's an article and a video which shows the theory and experiments in abiogenesis:

    Youtube thumbnail

    5. Macro evolution.

    Hovind is talking about species of "kind," and uses the "nobody's seen it, so it must never have happened" fallacy a lot here. So, of course, if we haven't seen it, it must not be true. Like the existence of God, or, more to the point, no one seeing God create everything.

    But, the evolution theory did and does say that different species branch off from the same ancestors, and some will become separated to the point they cannot reproduce. As we SEE in ring species:

    What is really deceptive is the "common sense" approach with Hovind's use of phrases like "Evolutionists believe that rocks gave birth to dogs." o.O Please, produce one statement by any evolutionist who said that's what they believed.

    BTW, the "common sense" approach is used a LOT today by Cameron and Comfort of Way of the Master, and it works this way: Don't think, feel. Don't learn anything new, just go with what sounds like the most sense. And they do that very strategically by setting the audience up with ridiculous premises (rocks gave birth to dogs, evolutions are looking for a crocaduck, etc.) which are entirely made-up -- no evolutionist makes those claims. But the whole point is to make it sounds like evolutions DO make such ridiculous claims, THEN ask people to use their "common sense."

    Really, if evolutionary biology was common sense, you wouldn't need a PhD in the subject to be taken seriously.

    Which, by the not Hovind, Comfort, Cameron, or the DI Fellows have.

    Don't accept their lies just because it's for God. God doesn't like that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That video didn't convince me of anything except that the speaker can not back up his theory with fact.

    I can prove evolution to you by simply asking you FOUR EASY QUESTIONS. Are you ready? Here goes......

    1. Do you believe in the bible story of Adam and Eve?

    2. Do you believe that you are descended from Adam and Eve?

    3. Do you believe that I descended from Adam and Eve?

    4. Okay, now here's the interesting part: Then why don't you and I look EXACTLY alike?

    That, my friend, is evolution. Minor mutations in genetic makeup from generation to generation. If there were no such thing as evolution, each and every single creature (including human beings) would look, behave, and interact within its environment EXACTLY as did its ancestors. I'm talking hair color, eye color, height, weight, skin color, nose shape, shoe size, etc.

    Do you get what I'm saying? We can personally witness evolution just by looking at our own families, neighbors and friends.

    I am a Christian, by the way.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You uploaded a video of kent hovind and expect us to convert because his arguments are that persuasive? Dream on. He doesn't even understand basic biology like how sexual reproduction happens. In one video he stated that half a strand of DNA from the father and half from the mother combine. That is ridiculous. An embryo gets 23 chromosomes from its mother and 23 from its father. If he doesn't understand that, he is doesn't deserve to be given the privilege to even mention evolution.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I believe in the Word of God totally. I don't "believe in" evolution. I just know about it. There is no belief involved. What I don't believe in is the wacky unauthoritative personal interpretations the Bible made by some fringe Christian groups, which they insist are true even though they contradict objective reality. Sad.

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    1 decade ago

    You're citing Kent Hovind? You realized he was convicted of fraud, right? You believe a fraudster? Well, then I suggest you check out thunderf00t's Why do people laugh at creationists? series. It will do you some good.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your video is nonsense.

    I could make a video with a bunch of nonsense that I think dispro ves gravity.

    I suppose some fool might stumble across it and think it was true.

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