How Much Would My Runescape Account Be Worth?

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its combat level is 101 total is 1530

how much do you think i could get for it?
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Not many people play runescape anymore, JaGex pretty much ruined it. If you were to try and sell it it would be banned pretty much straight away, JaGex are very strict and monitor all selling websites, however if you were still going to sell it you would probably get around 30 - 40 dollars

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yeah i know rs is **** now, but i personally couldnt care less if the account were to get banned once sold, i have my money im happy
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  • wierdhead8 answered 6 years ago
    I don't know but I wouldn't sell it, its against the Runescape rules and as soon as you sell it, it will most likely be banned.
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  • §i came i saw i conquered § answered 6 years ago
    same here my combat is 101 but total is only 1015 cuz i was never a member lol
    if u wana be friends just add me
    my user is pinhead 123
    not many people buy runescape accounts no more
    it u want to sell it it mite be for like 30 buck
    but thats not worth it!
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