Yahoo answers daily answering limit?

Okay i thought yahoo answers was meant to help people, help people. What is up with this "Daily answering limit" I have responded with a pull paragraph to almost every question i have ever answered, and i went to answer another, and apparently i have reached my "daily answering limit" Can someone tell me why this is in place?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Members of the community between levels 1 - 4 have daily limits imposed to deter abuse of Yahoo! Answers.

    Unfortunately some members of the community create accounts with the aim of being abusive and malicious within the community. By limiting the number of answers such users can post, certainly at level one, such actions can be monitored before any major damage can be done.

    Furthermore such limits promote users to collect points and increase their level. The higher your level, the more questions and answers you can post each day, for example at level one you can only post 5 questions and twenty answers a day. Save up your points and earn level two, and this increases to ten questions and forty answers each day.

    It's great to hear you like sharing your knowledge within the community. The next Yahoo! Answers day starts in 4h. Why not come back then and answer some more questions ?

    All the best


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  • 1 decade ago

    Levels 1-4 have a daily answer limit and 5-7 have unlimited limits. The higher levels give you more privileges (ask/answer more questions,voting and rating questions and answers)

    LEVEL 1♥

    Answer 20 Questions

    Ask 5 Questions

    Vote on 20 Unresolved Questions

    LEVEL 2♥♥

    Answer 40 questions

    Ask 10 Questions

    Vote on 40 Unresolved Questions

    Give ratings (Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down)


    Answer 60 questions

    Ask 15 Questions

    Vote on 60 Unresolved Questions

    LEVEL 4♥♥♥♥

    Answer 80 questions

    Ask 20 Questions

    Vote on 80 Unresolved Questions




    ♥Ways to help you earn points♥:

    ♦Log into Yahoo! Answers each day (+1 point daily)

    ♦Voting for undecided questions (+1 point)

    ♦Answering questions (+2 points)

    ♦Choosing a best answer for your question (+3 points)

    ♦Having your answer chosen as best answer (+10 points)

    ♦"thumbs-up" on best answer that you wrote (up to 50 thumbs-up are counted) +1 per "thumbs-up"

    ★DON'T forget you can lose points by★:

    ------>Asking questions (-5points),

    ------>Deleting an Answer (-2 points),

    ------>Receiving a Violation (-10 points)

    Levels and Points:;_ylt=...

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  • 1 decade ago

    This stops "fly-by-night" users (bored kids, silly users, spammers) create and account, flood the site with lots of questions and leave. The limits encourage serious users to use the resources wisely and earn points to move them up levels as well as gain experience using the site, get to know people, and establish their reputation and user network.

    Also... by having limits, it is easier to "weed" out trouble makers at the early stages.

    Hope this answered your question.

    Cheers from Australia

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  • 6 years ago

    increase you levels..this will increase chances to post unlimited questions :)

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