What does it feel like to have a prostate exam?

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I'm young, way too young to even worry about getting a prostate exam, and I'm not worried at this point. I've just seen a lot of jokes about it on Family Guy and other shows, and I ...show more
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  • Geo answered 6 years ago
You will not need a prostate exam until you are in your 30's. The doctor puts on a glove, spreads a lot of lubricant on his finger and then puts into your rectum. He turns his finger so he can rub the base of the rectum. The prostate is about walnut size and soft. As you age it gets harder and it can swell, or it gets cancerous. It is a little uncomfortable if you are not use to having anything up your rectum. Other than that it is painless and harmless. Most of all men avoid this exam because they are embarrassed about going to a urologist and having their penis, scrotum and prostate examined. We shouldn't be it is an important part of taking care of our health. So once a year throw your modesty out the window and go see the doctor.


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  • City boy answered 6 years ago
    Hi Joey,
    It can't be that big of a deal, I have felt my own prostate myself. Take a poop to clean yourself out and than squat down and put your lubed-up finger up your butt. You will feel a small round disk about the size of a dime at the base of your penis under the skin inside your rectum, that is your prostate.

    WARNING: If you massage your prostate while you have an erection just before you are ready to ejaculate you will feel a total erotic sensation of chills running down your spine and you will blow a powerful load.

    Playing with your prostate is the same as playing with the female "G" spot. Get ready for all kinds of tingling sensations, especially the closer you are to orgasm the more sensitive it becomes. It's a very wild erotic ride.
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  • robert y answered 6 years ago
    It is not painful. It's similar to feeling a light electric shock when he rubs over it. Makes you feel like you could urinate if you had to. It only lasts 10 seconds if that long. More embarrassing than anything else.


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  • cathy_white27 answered 6 years ago
    It is painless unless you have an enlarged prostate, which could signify cancer.

    It is an awkward exam, but a much needed one.

    Usually, it is not done until age 40, unless you have problems.
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  • Josh R answered 6 years ago
    Well why don't you just put on a glove, put a little vaseline on it, and stick it up your bunghole. I'm sure you'll get the feel of what goes on.
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  • Jeremy Jay answered 6 years ago
    stick your finger in ur ***, thats how it feels
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  • Aragorn answered 6 years ago
    There's nothing much to it. It does not hurt, but it obviously feels unusual. This is an important medical exam for men. There's no reason to avoid it, and it will help discover health problems with the prostate so that they can be treated earlier rather than later.
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  • Christy SD Nurse answered 6 years ago
    It's not painful, just a little uncomfortable.
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