Can i used .22 shorts in my voere .22 long single shot rifle?

A friend gave me a box that his grandfather had before he passed. He had no use for them. I figured as they are smaller, not bigger they could fit as its also just a single shot, am i right?


Oh okay thanks alot for telling me. I wasnt just going to do it, as i had no idea i was bound to ask. Thank you very much for your help. My limbs appreciate it too.

Update 2:

Oh okay thanks alot for telling me. I wasnt just going to do it, as i had no idea i was bound to ask. Thank you very much for your help. My limbs appreciate it too.

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    The question seems to be, can you use .22 shorts in a rifle chambered for a .22 long. The answer is yes. The .22 short, long, and long rifle rounds use the same diameter bullets. The short and long use same weight bullet. The only difference is the long holds a bit more powder theoretically yielding a slightly higher muzzle velocity. Since the short is not as long as the .22 long, it will chamber and fire fine in a rifle chambered for the .22 long.

    You'll have problems if you try using a .22 LR in a gun chambered for the .22 long, but that wasn't what you asked.

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    5 years ago

    If the rifle is designated as a .22 short then I would say NO. On the markings for the rifle that states the brand model and serial number it should cover the types of ammunition that you can shot through you gun. S = shorts L = Longs LR = Long Rifle Check and compare the markings for a quick reference and if you still have any doubts go to another gunsmith and ask to make sure. I am not convinced that your original gunsmith knows his guns that well. There is a difference in the lengths of each of the bullets I listed above and using a long rifle in a weapon designed for shorts could create a jammed casing in the breach or even possible bodily harm. Do not exceed the recommendations of the manufacturer unless you are an expert in the field of guns.

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    Yes you can I have been using shorts for 30 years. I think the confusion here is that some think that the diameter of the bullet is different. The diameter is the same...22 caliber. The bullet being shorter in a 22 short has no effect. Look at it it this way...If you have a shot gun that is a 12 gauge 3 1/2" magnum can it shoot 2 3/4" long shells?? Of course you can!

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    1 decade ago

    Any rifle chambered for .22 long rifle can also shoot .22 longs, and .22 shorts. The only .22 it can't fire is the magnum.

    However, unless you intend feeding it nothing but shorts as a steady diet, there's a potential problem with shorts. If you fire a lot of them you can develop a ring-like grove in the bore, due to gas checking. If that happens, and you then fire a long or long rifle you can have extraction problems, because the brass upsets into that grove.

    One box of shorts shouldn't be enough to cause this. And it's less of a problem in single-shot rifles anyway. So, yeah, go ahead and shoot them up.

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    1 decade ago

    thank god some ppl actually know what theyre talking about if you dont know dont answer when it comes to 22 short, longs, or longrifle the only thing is most semi autos and some bolt actions wont cycle shorts, and exception being a remington 552 speedmaster or a mossberg mod 46b your single shot will be fine no probs especially with only 50 rounds dont listen to the first postings they obvioulsy are the type of ppl who run their mouths without knowing which is half of americas problem listen to those who know from real experience and forget those quick at the mouth.

  • 1 decade ago

    What the hell are some of you talking about

    Of course you can shoot shorts through a .22 rifle

    The only exception would be a semi auto

    In that case the short would not activate the slide

    Look on the barrel of your gun

    I bet it tells you that the caliber is 22s,l,lr

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    although a 22 short would fit in a 22lr, it would not seal properly and would probably blow something off your gun injuring you or someone else, if not you'll atleast have to repair the gun.

    not worth the time/money to find out if i am correct or not.

  • Beau R
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    1 decade ago

    The cartridge will obviously fit, but due to the size, will not form a tight seal. It could wreck your rifle, and you could get injured.

  • 1 decade ago

    no it will can **** up your gun barrel and may never shoot right after that spend the 10$ and get a box of 22LR

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