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How old were you when you found out the truth about Santa Claus?

And how did you find out or who told you? I was in 3rd grade and I asked my friend about Santa Claus and he told me there was no Santa Clause. I didn't want to believe him so I kinda forced myself into still believing. Even though deep down, I knew the real truth.

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    2nd grade....although the "truth" was a bit altered.

    Our 2nd grade teacher told us that Santa was really Satan (just move a couple of letters),and that's why he wore red. Also to take away the true meaning of Christmas and cloud our minds with presents.

    This all just the day before Christmas break.

    Oh those nutty midwestern teachers from the early 70's.

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    I don't remember specifically when, but this question reminds me that my parents used to wait until after I went to bed on Christmas Eve to bring in the tree, decorate it and set the gifts underneath. They would tell me that Santa Claus brought the tree as well as the presents.

    It may seem silly, but it made Christmas morning even more fun, because I woke up eager to see the wonderful tree that he brought and decorated just for us.

    Thanks for reminding me of that -- I hadn't thought about it in a while.

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    Found out the year we had a blizzard the week before Christmas, and Santa didn't come. Was 1965 I believe.

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    I think I was like 10 and I was present snooping and I found something that I got later on from Santa.

    Don't tell me YOU never went present snooping!

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    4 i saw my momma with the presents that said santa clause

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    I got pretty suspicious around 2nd grade but I found out for real in 3rd.

    I knew someone who believed until he was 12.

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    I never believed in family i tell you!

    how sad is that

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    prolly 4/5th grade maybe before but i only figured it out because my moms hand writing was on the present and i asked her and she said "he" santa told her to write it down for him.......

    after that i didn't believe it him

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    I was kinda older... because I was an only child I could live the lie a lot longer. No older siblings to mess it up, but my mother told me one day and I was distraught.

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