how to change oil in harley dyna?

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    Here ya go, Ray.

    Specialty tool, oil filter wrench - Part # HD-42311 or HD-44067.

    (I use 44067)


    If the motorcycle is ridden hard, under dusty conditions, or in cold weather, the oil and filetr should be changed more often.

    All Dyna models are shipped from the factory with SAE 20W50 Harley-Davidson 360 Motor Oil.

    All dyna models come equipped from the factory with a premium 5 micron synthetic media oil filter, Part #63798-99 (Chrome) or 63731-99 (Black). These are the only recommended replacement filters

    1. Ride motorcycle until engine is warmed up to normal operating temperature.

    2. See Figure 1-1. Unscrew and remove engine oil filler cap with atached dipstick.

    3. See Figure 1-3. Remove engine oil drain plug with O-ring (1). Allow oil to drain into a suitable container.


    Use Harley-Davidson oil filter wrench for filter removal, which can prevent damage to crankshaft poaition sensor and/or sensor cable


    On vehicles equipped with forward controls, **** linkage may have to be removed to provide enough clearance to remove and install oil filter.

    4. See Figure 1-4. Remove the oil filter using the OIL FILTER WRENCH. Clean the oil filter mount flange of any old gasket material.

    5. See Figure 1-5. Lube the gasket on new oil filter with engine oil and install new filter. Hand tighten oil filter 1/2 to 3/4 turn after gasket contacts filter mounting surface. Do NOT use oil filter wrench for oil filter installation.

    6. See Figure 1-3. Install oil pan drain plug (1).

    a. Inspect O-ring for tears or damage. Replace if required. Wipe any forign material from plug.

    b. Install O-ring and drain plug. Tighten to 14 - 21 ft-lbs (19.0 - 28.5 Nm).

    7. See Figure 1-1. Fill oil pan with the correct amount of oil. Use the proper grade of oil for the lowest temperature expected before the next oil change. Refer to table 1-3.

    a. Use 2.5 quarts (2.4 liters) of engine oil for a wet capacity refill.

    b. Use 3 quarts (2.7 liters) for a dry capacity refill.

    Note: Use wet capacity for engines that have just had the oil drained. Use dry capacity for engines that have been disassembled, cleaned in solvent and dried.

    8. Check engine oil level using cold check procedure.

    9. Start engine and carefully check for oil leaks around drain plug and oil filter.

    10. Check engine oil level using hot check procedure.

    Above quoted from:

    Dyna Models, 2006 Harley-Davidson Service Manual, Part # 99481-06A, pages 1-10 and 1-11.

    A few things: Figure 1-3 shows plug locations. On your Dyna you will find 3 plugs. DO NOT pull the one in the bottom center (unless you want to drain the transmission). The oil drain plug is the plug on the left side of the oil pan. The plug on the rear side of the pan is a plain pipe plug that goes to the same cavity.

    I highly suggest you get a Service manual, it's the first special tool I buy.

    Source(s): 2006 FXD35 Superglide. Low_Jac has a valid point. This is my first HD. I did my first oil change using just the owner's manual. Imagine the look on my face when I pulled what was shown as the engine oil drain plug and got a quart of gear oil instead of 3 quarts of engine oil. The photos were mis-marked (Service manual is correct). My '06 was spec'ed at 5000 mile intervals. They added the 6Speed and made changes to the primary in '06. Previous models were spec'ed at 10,000 miles for the primary. I dump all the oils into the same pan at the same time. Easier, no mistakes.
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    Harley Davidson Oil Change

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    how to change oil in harley dyna?

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    Well it should be a sideways mounted filter so its not going to be completely full of oil when you take it off. If you mean that its completely dry when you took it off then you might have a blockage somewhere causing the filter to starve. You'll need to look into that quickly. What year and model is the bike?

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    2005 Dyna Super Glide Specs

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    drain the oil warm

    drop the old filter

    put on a new filter

    put the drain plug back in

    put a bit more than 3 quarts of oil in

    start it

    top it up to full

    if this is complex, maybe you might want to take it in man

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    warm engine.

    turn off engine.

    place oil pan under oil plug.

    remove oil plug.

    drink a beer.

    straddle bike and hold upright so any oil pooling to the left can drain.

    drink another beer (to be sure oil has fully drained).

    replace oil plug.

    remove oil cap.

    put new oil in (proper amount)

    replace oil cap.

    dispose of old oil properly.

    have another beer to congratulate yourself on saving $30 the dealership would have charged you to do this easy job.

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    Drive it up to the service bay at the Harley Dealer and let them do it.

    You have no business doing it your self, being that your on here asking "How To".

    You need to have it serviced by someone who knows what they are doing.

    Engine, transmission, and clutch needs service every 2500 miles on the Dyna Harley.

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    what is the difference between an wet and dry oil change

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    This is a good question, and one that intrigued me for quite some time.

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