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Miniature pinscher Girl puppy?

do miniature pinschers have bald spots at the age 5 months


Its around the stomache and fore head

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    They shouldn't...

    If you mean the slightly thinner hair around their ears some small dogs get, then it's normal.

    If it's like this then it's nothing to worry about (Located at the front of the ear)

    But if your dog has bald spots around it's body it could be mange, which is highly contagious, and you should see your vet asap :(

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    AWW how exciting a new puppy, Congrats. Well i don't think she is pure breed. Im thinking a mix or a Miniature pinscher and maybe even mini dachshund couldn't really see if she has long legs or not. But im pretty confident if you take her to the vet which you should do soon being shes still a puppy and prone to all kinds of things right now get her in and have her checked out for her skin as well. The vet should be able to tell you what she is.

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    Some min pins look like they have bald wrinkles on their head but its usually just the light. If there are actually patches of missing fur its some sort of skin condition.

    I have a TFT which are somewhat similar to minpins with similar symptoms and she had demodectic mange

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    bald spots where ?

    min pins do have thin hair some times i have one who has very thin hair . He has very thin hair on his chest and his tummy its always been this way he has been checked by vet also , and one who doesnt .

    If you think its not normal take to a vet there are things that can cause hair loss maybe visit vet just incase


    Mine is also thin on his head too .

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    hmmm where? i had two mins pins and the one had bald spots on the front of each ear....

    make sure it's not mange

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