Michelle Obama's Fashion Sense...?

What is your take? I think that there has been no one with such a classy, flattering, and sensuous dressing 1st lady since Jackie Kennedy. UNTIL NOW!!! Michelle Obama has broken the barrier! I think her fashion sense is imcomparable to that of any 1st lady ever. Not only is it tastefull and classy, but she wears obscure designers that are sure to become household names. THAKOON PANICHGUL and MARIA PINTO are class acts!!

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    1 decade ago
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    I love her style, I think she picks some great pieces to wear. Sometimes she gets bashed though, because they aren't always what a first lady would wear (like the dress she wore on election night, which I loved!).

    But so what! They are still in good taste and really do flatter her. I think it will be interesting in years to come what she will wear. More power to her for having her own sense of style!

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes i do find her very well dressed. i dont really know whether there should be a comparison between jackie and her, because both have different styles. jackie was more sophisticated and michelle is more fun and flirty. but i would say that michelle has an edge because she seems versatile to me, and jackie kind of would suit only her sophisticated attires.

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