White peeling off skin around my vagina, and I'm worried.Please help?

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Hi, I'm very shy to ask this but I'm really worried. I lately discover that the skin of my external vagina is turning to white and its peeling off if u rub it. It feels itchy ...show more
Update : No, i'm not scratching it, i just feel a little itch sometimes, not ...show more
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External yeast infection. Get a topical anti-fungal cream.
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  • cjccole12 answered 5 years ago
    do you tan if not i have never heard of anything like this i think you should go to your doctor fast
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  • OR answered 5 years ago
    please ask your doctor about this and get a female exam. you may be allergic to the femine wash even though they are mostly hypoallergenic there are still chemicals, dyes and scents in them & they can sometimes cause a reaction. get well soon.
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  • gsnake answered 5 years ago
    It may not be skin, but dried discharge or dirt. If it is skin, it could be soap. Soap dries up sensitive skin, like your face, which causes it to peel. It shouldn't be itchy, but anything that peels becomes itchy because the skin coming off tickles your skin. Unless it's REALLY itchy and your hand is constantly iin your pants to scratch it.
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