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my dvd recorder buzzs how do i stop this?

stand alone recorder hooked up to my cable box and tivo player , no buzz when playing dvds but get it when i try to record anything and when not watching a dvd

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you just need to buy a cleaner for it. Even the cans of air work great. Just open the door like you were going to put in a DVD and spray. This should help. it worked on mine.

  • 4 years ago

    nicely, the two can play dvd's jst an identical. a common DVD participant will jst play dvds, cds an such. A dvd recorder can do comparable to a common DVD participant yet additionally reproduction dvds for u,,u can watch some thing on television an record it to the dvd so u can view it later. the greater helpful decision is a dvd recorder because it has greater strategies with it and if u ever could record some thing u can accomplish that. If u dunt record plenty off television den a VCR wud be fantastic thats if u have one..if no longer den maby the recorder is a greater helpful option for you. fee sensible i think of there iz vast difference buh im confident it has dropped or quickly together as as a results of new interesting blue ray which has pop out.

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