What is the name of the proprietor at the Finley Motel in Finley, NSW?

He runs the best resteraunt in Finley, and has a great wine celler for his patrons.


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    Contact details for:

    NAME: Finley Motel

    ADDRESS: Newell Highway

    CITY: Finley, NSW 2713

    PHONE NO: 03 5883 1088



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    New South WalesAustralia

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    Medium-sized service town

    Located 673 south-west of Sydney via the Hume, Sturt and Newell Highways and 107 m above sea-level Finley is a tidy and peaceful Riverina town of 2220 people which acts as a service centre for the Berriquin Irrigation Area that surrounds it. The district supplies wool, wheat, fat lambs, rice, dairy products, vegetables, cereals, cattle and pigs for the Sydney and Melbourne markets. Local industry includes a butter factory and foundry.

    The Wiradjuri Aborigines, who inhabited the area prior to white settlement, called it 'Carawatha', supposedly meaning 'place of pines'. Squatters from the Port Phillip district moved into the southern and western Riverina in the early 1840s. The town grew on land leased to Benjamin Boyd (see entry on Eden) for his 'Tuppal' station.

    The first building on the future townsite was a shepherd's dwelling known as the Murray Hut. It was located at a midpoint between Jerilderie and Tocumwal at the junction of two stock routes adjacent a swamp (now Finley Lake).

    Surveyor F.G. Finley surveyed 1.2 million hectares of the Riverina district in the 1870s. Wheat cultivation developed although water shortages were a perennial problem.The railway arrived in 1898.

    Additional land was released in 1910 when the government purchased 55 000 acres of Tuppal station and financially backed 127 new farming families. By the 1921 census there were over a thousand people. However, war and the 1914 drought retarded development. After a boom in the early 1920s another drought struck in 1927 followed by the disastrous effects of the depression. However, the construction of the Berriquin Irrigation Area, which began in 1935, proved a long-term boost to local prosperity.

    The postwar period was one of prosperity, as the irrigation project continued and the location of the town at the junction of the Newell and Riverina Highways proved a boon.


    Things to see:

    Finley and Irrigation

    The main street of Finley bridges Mulwala Canal, at 155 km the largest irrigation channel in Australia. At the northern approach to town is the Wheels of Prosperity display, intended as a symbol of water's importance to the town and district. The landscaped foreshores of artificially constructed Finley Lake make for a pleasant picnic or barbecue. There is also a wharf, a boat ramp, a pool, a gardens area and children's play facilities, including a replica sailing ship.

    Mary Lawson Wayside Rest

    Mary Lawson Wayside Rest, at the south end of town, also has playground equipment. Nearby is a log cabin replica of a pioneer home run by the historical society with a display of local historical material, including antiquated pumping equipment and machinery. Rotary Park, in Denison St, contains an Aboriginal canoe tree which once stood by the Murray River.

    Loco Dam

    A recent development is Loco Dam, reached by turning east at Wollamai St. The rodeo is held at the showground in December, the Finley Aquafest in February and the Agricultural show in September.



    Century Motor Inn

    Newell Hwy

    Finley NSW 2713

    Telephone: (03) 5883 1466

    Facsimile: (03) 5883 2166

    Rating: ***

    Country Club Hotel/Motel

    171 Murray St

    Finley NSW 2713

    Telephone: (03) 5883 1355

    Rating: **

    Finley Motel

    Newell Hwy

    Finley NSW 2713

    Telephone: (03) 5883 1088

    Facsimile: (03) 5883 1468

    Rating: ***

    Finley Palm Motor Inn

    Cnr Newell Hwy & Berrigan Rd

    Finley NSW 2713

    Telephone: (03) 5883 2077

    Facsimile: (03) 5883 2037

    Rating: ***1/2

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    Try calling them: 02 5883 1088

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