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Liverpool: meaning of “You'll Never Walk Alone”?

1. don’t walk around Liverpool by yourself too dangerous

2. don’t walk by yourself and be embarrassed about being a Liverpool supporter

3. don’t get upset as no EPL trophies for a long time

4. don’t walk by yourself near a fence take out a Liverpool supporter with you

5. or ?????????????????????????

Best will get 10 points

Liverpool are going down this year

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    Because They are didnt even brave enougph to walk alone ha ha.

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    In the autumn of 1962, although the country didn't know, it was about to be hit by an explosion of sound but the 'Mersey Sound' we're talking about was the sound of the Kop rather than the four mop tops from south Liverpool.

    In the spring of 1962, Liverpool were promoted as Champions of Division Two back to the First Division and while The Beatles were about to change the music scene of the country, the Kop was busy changing football crowds forever.

    The summer of 1962 saw for the first time extended coverage of the World Cup from another continent as the South American nation of Chile hosted the tournament. But whilst watching the football was different, so was listening to the Brazilian supporters who had made the short trip across their continent to back their side. Not only did they cheer in the time-honoured way but they also chanted! Now this was new and what they termed as the Samba Beat was suddenly heard in living rooms throughout the land. It was just a plain, "BRA-ZIL - Cha, Cha, Cha" or rather that's how it came across.

    Fans still sing on the Kop

    People remember thinking at the time; this will be heard on the Kop soon. Liverpool's first game of the new season was against Blackpool and over 51,000 turned up to fill Anfield almost to its limit, with nearly half the number congregated on the Kop. Everyone was there with their rattles and scarves all intent on making a noise when suddenly someone started to shout "LIVER-POOL" followed by what they called staccato clapping.

    Pretty soon most of the Kop had picked up the chant and the sound of "LIVER-POOL - clap, clap, clap" hit the air and the chanting Kop was born.

    Before long it seemed as if the entire Kop was participating in this new trend and from small acorns things quickly grow. The chanting Kop suddenly became a singing Kop and as Beatlemania hit the rest of the country, the Kop would perform impromptu sing-a-longs prior to each game as the latest top ten hits were belted out over the PA system. Singing to the hits of the local bands was one thing but the Kop had to be original.

    One of the first songs that started to hit the airwaves was, 'When the Saints Go Marching In', better known today as 'When The Reds...', and by the time the 1963 season came to a close it was getting a regular airing on the Kop.

    At the time it seemed as if the Kopites could take hold of anything and almost rearrange the words to suit within minutes. For fans everywhere else, it mattered not where you came from or who you supported, you copied the Kop.

    Of course, other supporters sang songs and it wouldn't be in keeping with the Liverpool style to try and say that we were the first crowd to sing. However, we were the first crowd to sing as a matter of course.

    Those who stood at Anfield in 1963 and sang along with the local group Gerry and the Pacemakers' 'You'll Never Walk Alone' could never have even begun to imagine what they were unleashing. The song would take on so many different meanings at so many different occasions. Occasions that were tragic but also occasions that were triumphant. It became a song that millions of football fans throughout the world would often sing but always recognise that it was 'The Liverpool Song'

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    true champions are usually very lonely on the top of their game, the perfect example is Man United.

    and because there are so many losers and pretend-champions, they are never alone, that's why liverpool never walk alone.

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    No doubt for some nameless people on here of course he is but for me nope Stevie along with other players lost heart last season new beginnings with a new manager, maybe hopefully soon new owners may re-new stevie's passion again :-)

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    You Ll Meaning

  • the whole song is about adversity, its about hope.

    Even if you think the world is against you and you haven't done anything wrong, don't worry because you got loads of friends in the same place.

    I think the follow up song self pity city was more apt.

    Its ironic that they are so proud of a song that categorises themselves as people looking for a similar person to walk with through the storm of life.


    READ THIS AND LEARN ABOUT "your" song.

    Its a shame that the fans who sang mario lanza's version of the song were to have it bastardised and stolen by scousers several years later.

  • I lost the will to live. Firstly with the banal inanity of the question and then with the lengthy copy and pasted answer that was pure and utter drivel. Thank God for Giggs (and I didn't think I would ever hear myself uttering that sentence) for proving that there are some people on here with some intellect and wit. If you are going to have a poke at another team at least do it with some style.

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    dont walk alone...walk with a supporter of Man Utd...otherwise u will be ashamed of being a supporter of Liverpool!!

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    they won't go down

    and just to correct the origin of this song, yet again!

    this song was from the musical Carousel - originates in the 1940s!

    the musical was about a man who was killed, revisiting his partner.

    gerry and the pacemakers did a copy of it.

    the song DOES NOT originate from Liverpool.


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    The true meaning is nowhere from the original meaning. Once it was a song of hope and courage. Now all it means is " You'll Never Win Anything ".

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