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If the Immaculate Conception was on December 8, how come Jesus was born on December 25? ?

Just wondering. If it takes 9 months for a baby to develop, and Mother Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit on December 8, shouldn't Jesus' birthday be around September?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, this is not intended to insult Christianity in any way whatsoever.


If ever you still don't get it,

Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8): Mary Conceives Jesus. (Start of pregnancy, not Mary's birth, she was born on Sept. 8)

Christmas (December 25): jesus' birth.

Calculate 9 months from Dec. 8, will lead to around September 8. (Exactly 9 months.)

So how come it's on December 25?

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    what i have heard from historians who have sat down to calculate it all out is jebus would have been born around april 16th of 4-6 bc they figured this by going back and analyzing celestial happenings and such. though i have heard sept as well but not as often.

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    Scientifically, that's impossible. inspite of the shown fact that, there have been documented activities of the "greater beneficial-uncomplicated" or "supernatural" or "miracles," activities which seem to interrupt the regulations of technology. because of this, that's not achievable to coach previous a shadow of a doubt that immaculate thought is impossible. That became a double unfavorable. wish this helps! Booyakasha!

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    First off who says those dates you claim these things happened are so? Second God made heaven and earth do you think He has to do it according to your thoughts? God is able to do what ever He wants on a time table of His own. Yet; who says those dates are true? We use the day of the 25th to Praise His birth, but with mankind as with allot of things the day we choose to remember some thing may not always be the true date that it happened.

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    The Immaculate conception refers to Mary's conception, not Jesus'.

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    The Immaculate Conception refers to Mary's birth, not Jesus'.

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    this celebrates the Virgin Mary being born without sin, so that Jesus could be born without sin.

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    Miracle Grow...

    Its not just for veggies anymore...

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    god had a quiet period, so he rushed him through.

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    *It´s a Miracle*

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