Yahoo Best answers and SEO?

Lets say I include a link (which I don't) on every post I make.

I'm pretty wise to the fact that the more links you have in forums will increase the page ranking or SEO to your site.

However, for a lot of questions, I can find an answer within less than a minute through search engines (ie google) (not my skills - its the algorithms in search engine (ie google) which make it work)

Hypothetically if I answer a question and include a link, will the "BEST ANSWER" be more optimised than just an answer


BY THE WAY! IF it doesn't matter I'm still not going to spam the questions.... leave it to search engines (ie google) to work out what the best search results are for any given word or phrase!!!

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    Plus, Yahoo Answers does NOT pass on link juice. Every link you see has a rel=nofollow tag, which tells search engines to ignore the link

    However, getting Best Answers -- and lots of it -- increases your chances of being clicked on by users interested in learning more about the question.

    If you give great answers, people are more likely to check your profile -- and if you include a link to your website from your profile, then you can attract more clicks and visits to your site

    HOWEVER -- be very careful in putting in your links. There's a fine line between putting your links and spamming. Unless you have a page that is DIRECTLY relevant to the question and gives more thorough answer to the question, then include your link.

    But a link that has NOTHING to do with the question, say you simply put in your link as your signature file, is a reportable offense for spamming.

    RELEVANCE, RELEVANCE and RELEVANCE is the mantra when putting links in YA

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