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What's your Mars/Venus Sign depending on your sex, and what attracts you?

What do you attract? If you're male state your Venus, if you're female, state your Mars. Weird right, but that's the way it goes.

While we're on the subject of attraction, what is in your 7th house? Have you ever been with a person who had their Sun in your 7th house? It's supposedly the best house overlay because the sign in that house cusp is the kind of person you're attracted I'm just wondering because I've never been with an Aries. (Aries Moon in 7th house and I don't think I'm attracted to Aries)



Check that link out. Scroll down to find "Your Sun in your partner's 7th House:" and it claims it's one of the most powerful overlays, but I've never been attracted to Aries Suns. Weird right? By the way, thanks! Oh, and thanks for the lovely link, God I just love that website.

Update 2:

No, no, no, no!! THANK YOU! You've enlightened me! Haha. I get it now! I'm attracted to Aries Risings not Aries Suns. Haha...

Update 3:

Yes, practically everyone I've had a crush on. Except for this one boy who had Leo Rising. This one boy that I can't get over at the moment is a Libra and he's got Aries Rising.....wowowow. It's all starting to make sense now. Too bad he has Capricorn Moon, we're not compatible haha. I'm a Libra with Aries Moon. Urgh.

Update 4:

Haha, this is creepy!!! Man, Fire risings are it for me....I think the weirdest part is the ones that I actually didn't feel sorry for that I felt they felt sorry for me were the Aries Risings...wowow LOOK OUTT!! HAHA I always say that!! This is a theory worth researching on

Update 5:

We should haha!! Maybe it's just us Libras

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  • Vevila
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    1 decade ago
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    What an awesome question! I was just doing research on this earlier today.

    My Mars is in Aquarius.

    Strangely, I'm very attracted to men who have their Venuses in Aquarius. I've never been able to figure that one out, because my Venus is in Scorpio, and the Scorpio-Aquarius yin-yin Venus comparison is not compatible at's square. Both of my exes had their Venuses in Aquarius, and the attraction factor was unreal. Finally, when I looked at this compatibility grid (which is awesome because it's color coded...hehe):

    ...I realized that you could also evaluate sexual relationships by doing Venus-Mars comparisons. It made total sense (choir sings lol!). My first ex had Aquarius Venus, Taurus Mars, and my second ex had Aquarius Venus, Pisces Mars. Since I had Scorpio Venus, Aquarius Mars, they were essentially exactly what I was looking for sexually, and vice versa, when I did the Venus-Mars evaluation. My Aquarius Mars created the "bang-on/conjunct" combination with their Aquarius Venuses, my first ex's Taurus Mars created the "opposites attract" combination with my Scorpio Venus, and my second ex's Pisces Mars created the "hot/trine" combination with my Scorpio Venus. I love when things make sense.

    Anyway, now on to your second inquiry. My 7th house is in Cancer. Hmm :/ I wish I could help you out here...but I've never been with a Cancer male and I've never been attracted to one either. Only one comes to my mind, and we're okay friends. We both intrigue each other, but we don't really understand each's like we both have a silent awareness that we clash and should keep a distance from one another. My first ex had his Rising in Cancer though, and my second had his Moon AND Rising in Cancer, so maybe that could mean something. Interesting question.

    Libra Sun/Aquarius Moon & Mars/Scorpio Mercury & Venus/Capricorn Rising

    EDIT: Wow...what a helpful link. I took at look at it and then did my exs' natal charts again, and turns out, both of them have their 7th House in Capricorn. 7th is their Risings (both Cancer) and their 7th is my Rising (Capricorn). With my first ex, my Sun (Libra) was in his 5th house, and his Sun (Aries) was in my 4th house. With my second ex, my sun was, AGAIN, in his 5th house, and his sun (Pisces) was in my 3rd house. I'm seeing some major patterns here that I've never even considered before. Turns two guys were really similar even though they had completely different sun signs and moon signs (#1 = Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon, and #2 = Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon)'s no wonder I felt the same attraction for them both! Epiphany! Lol...thanks for the link!

    EDIT: Haha YAY! Funny...another guy I used to have a huge crush on for years and years...guess what his Rising was (I just did his chart)? CANCER! Unbelievable. Can you specifically remember anyone with an Aries Rising you've had a crush on, or that you've dated?

    EDIT: HOLY HELL!!! This is starting to get downright creepy. I just looked at the natal chart for a guy that I've just started talking to/dating, and we're really into each other, and HIS FRIGGIN RISING IS CANCER. Hahahaha. I'm seriously not lying...why is this so creepy?! His Sun is Aries, Moon is Sagittarius, Mercury is Aries, Venus is Pisces, and Mars is Scorpio, so HOLY HELL again...according to the compatibility grid...we are sexually compatible...LOOK OUT! Hahaha sorry I'm freaking out. That's crazy about you been drawn to the Aries Rising people too! I know what you mean about Moon signs not matching up second ex (the Pisces) and I didn't work out because Cancer-Aquarius Moons aren't the best. We were physically attracted to each other but not only lasted a few months.

    EDIT: F'SHO. Lol. We should do a survey on it...on how many people have been drawn to people with Risings that are identical to the sign in their 7th House.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Aries mars Pisces Venus. Depends

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  • Sarah
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    1 decade ago

    I'm attracted to easygoing guys, even though I am quite a bundle of energy when I get going. Their steadiness and stoic like nature is just so appealing to me. They're not too lovey dovey which is perfect, because I can't stand that kinda stuff. They're usually respectful and not immature, I mean not rude and do stupid things to get other people's attention. I've had a strange string of attractions to guys with Venus or Mars in Capricorn or Aquarius, and most of the time their Sun signs are in these two as well. There is also some sort of Taurus influence in their charts sometimes too. In crushes/love/whatever you wanna call it, while I like to have fun and joke around, being comfortable with that person is very important to me. Sometimes words can't explain the kind of day I had or how I'm feeling and I want to know I won't have to say anything to him at all to get him to understand.

    Gemini Mars in 8th house.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a Leo Venus with a Libra Mars..

    Leo in the 7th house.

    I actually DO seem to attract Libras to me,but also Sags,Aries and at times other Leos.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my mars is in pisces.

    i do attract water signs, and i am attracted to them but i've never ended up dating one. fire and air is all i've had relationships with. i always attributed it to my venus in aries, leo ascendant, and sag moon. but maybe my mars explains why they never work out?? :)

    and i have aquarius in the seventh house, no planets. i'm a taurus, so we're not the best combo. but i did have a really weird experience with an aquarius not too long ago. we we're strangely attracted to each other even though we had few things in common, and very different personalities. didn't end up happening though.

    hmm... i love all these explanations in astrology :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think ive attracted a wide range, maybe leaning more towards Air and Earth signs. my Mars is in Sagittarius.

    My 7th house is also an Aries, and a few years ago back i almost hooked up with an Aries guy but it just didnt happen. i dont think im crazy for Aries guys lol, i can really only remember another one that i was also attracted to but thats it. so its weird indeed!

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  • Sarah*
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    1 decade ago

    My Mars is in Aries.

    Somehow, I always find myself liking guys with muscular builds and who are independent and manly. I also really like curly hair- blonde or brown. I really like a guy's butt. They don't have to have a six pack.

    My 7th House is in Leo.

    I have been attracted to men with their Sun in Leo but i never dated one. Only been attracted.

    You also asked.. WHAT DO I ATTRACT?

    I attract guys from all walks of life, even old graying men. It grosses me out.

    I also attract men of all different signs, too.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, I have Cancer Venus and Taurus Mars. I'm lesbian though so I don't know how that translates for me.

    I have Leo in the 7th house but no planets.

    I have noticed that I always seem to fall for the cancers.

    Source(s): Me, gemini sun
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  • 1 decade ago

    i love the passionate, intense and intelligent types lol

    my venus is in scorpio in 1st and mars in gemini in 8th, my 7th house is in taurus, nothing in there. and i've only had good friends that had their sun in my 7th, but my bf right now is a gemini, and his sun is in my 8th house, whooaaa!! that is intense, i cant like tear myself away from him, we're like magnets, we have this unusual closeness, and a feeling of belonging together, its so wierd, trrruuust me! the attraction is soo powerful omg!! trust me its an all or nothing attraction here! the guys that usually end up liking me, are gemini suns, aries, leos,sagittarians and picses, never taurus, :S i've only ever really liked one guy and thats my current bf :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    i have mars in aries (in the 7th house). i was attracted to quite a few aries ppl even before i knew about astrology.

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