Why are US Senate democrats so eager to call for Blagojevich's resignation?

He hasn't been tried, and really it seems like there is a misty sense of impropriety about the whole thing, but what did he actually, provably do? Do they know something we don't?
Update: Adam:
It is so "obvious" from the very limited tape segment released? Have you even heard the tape. No? Nobody has? Well then how do you know jack $#!+? Allegations! Why don't they want to know more before knee-jerking?
Update 2: BTW I am a liberal (not a democrat) and my concern is that the man is being punished based on accusations and has not had a trial. Our Senators (it would seem) haven't the reservation of judgement to look at the facts first? Maybe determine that he is guilty, and then ask him to step down?
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