Who's tired of the PC Police trying to force everyone to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas?

How pathetic is it getting? First Happy Holidays then Holiday Tree Holiday cards Holiday songs etc etc. How out of hand is it getting already? They can put whatever they want i will continue to say Merry Christmas. I will not be silenced & forced to say Happy Holidays just b/c some people have a problem with it. Why don't they say the same thing when people say Happy Hanukkah & Happy Kwanzaa? If you don't want to say Merry Christmas that's your choice but don't try & force me to say Happy Holidays either.


I still say Merry Christmas even at my job. Like i said i will not be silenced into saying something so robotic & forced as Happy Holidays. To me it will be Merry Christmas till i breathe my last.

Update 2:

PC Police= Politically Correct Police.

Update 3:

This isn't about hate. It's about being fair & non hypocritical.

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    I too feel that the Liberal media, Government, and ACLU are trying to force God out of everything, to wipe away any faith in Religion, because having a Faith in a Higher being makes one less dependent on the Government, and uncontrolled by government.

    Liberal policies want we the people dependent on them, the easier for them to control, and work us like robots.

    Doing that takes freedom away.

    I will NOT be ruled, just as our forefathers refused, I do as well.

    I will say Merry Christmas as long as I live as will my son, and his children as well.

    President Grant made Christmas a National Holiday to unite Americans when we were divided, and now the Liberal elitists want to take it away to make us weak, and needy.

    I say they shall not! Not as long as the grass grows, the sky is blue, and freedom reigns.

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    Merry Christmas Scooter!

  • I still say Merry Christmas if someone says it to me. Also to people I know celebrate Christmas. I am not going to be told I have to say Happy Holidays. Nor will I say *Holiday tree* what's next Holly Claus, Holly canes.

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    It the Christians fault for shoehorning in their holiday during everyone else's celebrations. If you are so concerned about keeping the birth of Christ central to the holiday then move it to the springtime, when it supposedly happened.

    Having said that, there is nothing disrespectful to Christians by saying happy holidays. Christmas is still included in the polite, friendly greeting. By getting pissy about it you are purposefully excluding all of the people who celebrate other events and traditions this time of year. That's not very Christlike.

    If you want to say Merry Christmas, fine. But why get offended by someone saying happy holidays when that includes Christmas? Christmas is supposed to bring people together, peace on earth and all that. By getting upset over the inclusion of non-Christians you are mocking the very spirit that Christmas is supposed to represent.

    So to you I say Merry Christmas. And to everyone else, I say Happy Holidays.

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    One of those Milwaukee things... just teasing

    I am a Cards fan.

    Went to S Korea, Last year saying "Happy Holidays" is insulting

    It is PC to say "Merry Christmas" It is an American legend I wish I could remember have a Great Christmas and "TU to sheets" (Brewers) I'll let Albert take care of "Sheets"

    Brewers? uchhh Crummy team All in good fun. thanks

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    Merry Christmas Scooter! It is Christmas and I have my Nativity set up for all to see.

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    I'm with you Scooter on this, I don't hear many people saying Merry Christmas anymore.

    Source(s): Scooter Merry Christmas to you and family, and I hope your father is doing well. :)
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    i only say happy holidays around thanksgiving, because thanksgiving is here, christmas on the way and new years. but NOW i will say merry christmas.

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    It's not about being PC it's about showing good manners to people you don't know.

    How dare anybody assume that they know whether or not a total stranger celebrates Christmas ? They can't

    The polite thing to do is to properly assume that they don't celebrate Christmas rather than placing them in the uncomfortable position of having to mumbling some nonsense greeting in response to your rude intrusion on their life


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    OMG seriously there are no police making it illegal to say Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Retailers are in business to make profits, they are not in religious business. No one knows what religion I am. And just because I am in a store shopping doesn't mean that its for christmas (I have a childs bday in this month!)...so how would one know? ONLY retailers require their employees to embrace ALL not just one group of people to make happy and help them make money....and right now we need it.

    If your in a job where you can't say it...then leave if its that important to you. If your going to say "No, I need my job cause the economy is so bad" then be grateful you have a job. I know many people who would love to have your job and say Happy Holidays without one single complaint.

    Blessings are blessings no matter the words. If someone is being nice and saying something, TAKE IT! No one is required to be nice to you at all.

    **ADD** then if you can say it at your job, and you can say it in your own personal life...what is there to complain about? This is just more hate being spewed instead of honoring Christ.

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