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what is in the recycling that is metal?

The reason why I am asking this odd question is because

I collect cans for money its a little weird hobby but I got in to it

and I was thinking besides cat food cans and soda cans what

else is made of the same metal as soda cans?

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    Oh! You're talking about aluminum cans! Oh, and by the way: collecting cans is a great hobby! (Even for money!) You should be really proud of yourself. You can recycle almost anything that is aluminum- cans, pie pans, even iPods are made of aluminum! But not aluminum paper. Save that for covering your freshly baked cookies!

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    The metal is aluminum. There are many things made of aluminum, but they're not the same type (or alloy) of aluminum that beverage cans are made out of.

    There are also aluminum castings, and stamped/extruded aluminum (like the frames of lawn furniture, and window frames). These are generally recycled separately. Your recycling shop can tell you what they take and what they don't.


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    Aluminum. Represented as ALU on tin cans

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