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Is the age 15 to late to start ballet lessons?

well ive been a boxer for 3 years and i really want to take ballet lessons as ive always loved dance! Is it to late to start?


Also would you say ice skating is 2 late to start aswell!!!

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    It's probably too late if you want to become professional, but it's never too late to take up a hobby.

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    It is never too late to start taking ballet. My mom started ballet when she was 30 and loves it. The ballet center in your town that offers lessons for all ages is probably a good place to start. I don't know how you would talk to your parents, though. Just get all your reasons together beforehand and gather some information about the ballet center (such as pricing). Then calmly explain what you would like and why.

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    Wow, you're just like Billy Elliot!

    Um, well your strength and stamina are probably both OK, as you've been a boxer for so long, but be prepared to do some very hard work to improve your flexibility. You need to be very bendy to be able to do ballet! You probably wouldn't get put into classes with really little kids- I started ballet again after a gap of 3 years and I was put straight into grade 5 with people my own age, (between 13-15.) I've been going for about a month and a half, and it isn't really that hard! That might be because I had a lot of dance training before, but if you work really hard and practise a lot, you'll only get better and better! I would say definitely go for it!

    Good luck!

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    No way! I'm 23 and if i had the time to have a hobbie i would do it also!

    I started gymnastics when i was 13 and i was told it was too late for me to really be any good and that just drove me to want to be the best! By the time i was 15 i made it into squad and was competing all round the country! Don't let anyone tell you its too late, its never too late! Follow your dreams and get everything you can out of life. Ballet is such a beautiful dance! Good luck to you, believe in yourself and you can do anything!!

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    definately not.

    im 16 and i started ballet again when i was 15. I had ballet classes when i was very little but never got very far so i was basically a complete beginer when i started them again this year. Its hard at first especially because i was put into grade 5 straight away, but you'll pick it up and be fine. Also from personal experience i dont think its true that you get put into classes with small children, i certainly didnt and aslong as you are prepared for a challenge most teachers will put you with a pupil of your age. If you start on a higher grade it is a very big challenge as you need to perfect technique it will take time, but you will get it. You need to talk to local dance teachers because most people doing ballet do do it from a small age but some dont, there might even be a beginers class which for you, would obv. be perfect. Goood luck babe! x

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    not at all!! I started when I was 15 and thought it was brilliant! I went into a class of girls who were between 12-14, so they were much better than me but I learnt really really quickly because I was in thrown in the deep end. Make sure you get a teacher whos willing to go over the terms etc with you though, thats what I found hardest, was translating what she said into what I should be doing - maybe get a book (I did, was really useful). Im 21 now, still doing it . . . and get point lessons too, so whilst I'm not gonna be professional or anything - I absolutely love it and its been really good for flexibility, posture and generally getting out and doing something. Good luck when you start! Keep at it and you'll catch on!

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    you box? that's so cool... anyways, i started ballet about six months ago (i was 15, still am now) and i start pre-pointe next month so i'd say it's definitely not too late. you just have to practice a lot at home. practice your routines and combos as well as what you do at the barre and across the floor. the more you practice, the faster you'll catch up to your age level. also, when you practice at home, it shows in class so that'll really show your teacher you're dedicated. you also have to be willing to challenge yourself. i take classes with girls who have been dancing their whole lives and it was really hard at first but i'm catching up. this showed my teacher that i was serious about dancing and contributed to me starting pre-pointe so early. so yeah, if you work hard, it's definitely not too late.

    as far as ice skating goes, i honestly have no idea as i've never ice skated before but you're never too old to try something you really want to do so i'd say go for it.

    best of luck :)

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    It's never to late to start something as long as you enjoy what you are doing and are willing to practise. You will already have fitness and stamina training from your boxing so I think you will cope fine and enjoy it aswell. You may find that you are put in a lower grade than most people your age but as long as you are okay about this then it doesn't matter, does it? It is not to late to start ice-skating either as long as you enjoy it. But take this one bit of advice you may want to just concentrate on either ballet or ice-skating so you can commit more to one and then you will improve at a quicker rate. But just think are you taking classes for: the fun of it, to get fit or to improve and progress. If you are taking classes for the fun of it then it is fine to do both as it will not matter if you can not commit to both classes. If you are doing ballet and or ice-skating to get fit then take as many different classes as you want! If you are taking classes to improve then you may want to concentrate on one discipline. But remember you are never to old to start!


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    It's never to late to start ANYTHING..I don't care how old you are...

    It may be a little late for someone who wants to make ballet a 'career"..but if you really love it..or have always wanted to try something, GO FOR IT..(I'd say the same thing to you if you were 85!)..

    Life is full enough with regrets..and "what if's"..try everything! You really never know how much you may just amaze yourself!

    Some of our most gifted and celebrated artists (musicians, artists, writers, etc) started later in life...

    As Nike says "Just DO IT"!!!...

    Source(s): 49 years (and counting!) young (BTW, I went back to school and got my Real Estate Broker's License at age 44..!).. PS-I'm also a classically trained dancer
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    Everyone asks these kinds of questions, and every time i say that is not to late. Its never to late. My breakdance teacher took dance classes (Ballet, Jazz, Hiphop) when she turned 18 and she actually was so good she started dancing in Mexico City for a singer as a back-up dancer a few years later. Its never to late to start something new, and you might find that you're quite good at it.

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    I started at fourteen and it has gone wonderfully and quickly went up to the advanced level (i'm 15 now) but I had been taking technique and other forms of dance all my life so it depends on exerience because my friend took lessons too, for the first time dancing, and she found it impossible

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