is santa claus real or not real ?

Is santa claus real or not real we all want to know is he real or is it all a fake and your parents are santa claus .. we all want to know ... so just tell us now .. is he real or is he not real ???

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    I am not going to lie to you when

    I tell you that it was a very sad day

    for me as a little kid when the kids

    at school told me Santa did not

    exist... I hated them all for that

    Why would my parents lie?

    I was curious and wanted to find

    out for myself

    I found out the whole story..

    Santa lives in a place where

    anything is possible...

    This was a man of flesh and bone

    who gave of himself

    even when he had nothing to give....

    It wasn't just a one time thing

    Santa did indeed exist --

    Santa Clause is actually a

    derivitive of the Dutch word


    which in turn stands for

    Saint Nicholas

    I could go on and on about this

    patron saint and how he was able

    change the world through the

    kindness and generosity of his


    if only for one day...

    but I will leave that up to you

    This I will tell you

    It was Saint Nicholas that

    decided that the birth of one

    child was to be celebrated not

    just for that one child but for

    ALL of the children

    and it is that legacy that

    lives on to this day...

    a legacy of love

    I understand perfectly well

    your doubts about Santa..

    how is it possible that one

    man can do what he does in

    such a small amount of time?

    I see where the math doesn't

    add up and the writing on the

    wall from all of those that try

    so hard to prove that Santa

    does not exist ...

    but I also know that there were

    those that said the world was flat;

    that we could never get to the moon;

    that it was impossible to fly;

    that a black man would never be


    There are things in this world

    that defy all forms

    of explanation

    No matter how hard those that

    try to say that Santa could not

    possibly exist there will be

    thousands of children who will

    find traces of his presence

    {presents} under the tree

    { tomorrow to be exact -- }

    I know what others will say --

    "that is just my parents"

    You are right ---

    your parents are Santa's helpers

    and it's that reason that

    they keep these secrets...

    out of love

    It is that love for you that has

    kept Santa alive

    and Santa will live through

    them so that he can complete

    his rounds for Christmas eve...

    his gift of love to be shared by

    all parents of all children

    throughout the world

    I understand that it is a sign of

    "growing up"

    to want to put away all of the

    things that we once

    cherished when we were younger...

    boys will put away their g.i. joes

    and little girls will put away their dollies

    and it is this reason that

    there are those that would say that

    Santa doesn't exist - to feel grown up

    but he will always be there

    and all of your friends who tell you

    that there is no Santa will one day

    grow up and have children of their

    own -- just like you will

    and Santa will be there to make his

    rounds for them

    and your children's children

    and their children

    will all share in this love

    A special kind of love that is

    given from your parents to

    their child

    The question remains --

    Does Santa exist?

    Santa is alive and well


    Santa will outlive us all

    and I could not be anymore


    because I would not want

    to live in a world where

    there is no Santa

    a world without a Santa Clause

    is a world without love

    and that is what Christmas is

    all about:



    One of the few christmas songs

    that actually brings a tear to my

    eye... the lyrics say it all sweetheart

    " Fill your heart with love..."


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    there are a lot of stories behind Santa Claus and all i have to tell u is that he is as real as you want him to be. okay so maybe he isn't actually here today but he is in your heart and in your mind. I think you should believe in him FOREVER the Christmas Spirit keeps him alive and it's fun to believe in Santa don't ever let anyone tell you he's Not real because he IS real as long you wan him to be. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year Best Of Wishes To You during this holiday season.♥

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    Well there was a saint (St.Nick) who lived in Germany along time ago and would give presents to all the good children and has become a tradition ever since. But, im sorry your parents do put the presents under the tree. I found out when I realized that it was my moms hand-writting on the lable haha. I believe Santas (St.Nick) spirit has something to do with Christmas and is somehow there in the sky. :-)

    PS: Im not trying to be mean, but just dont believe the people who say there is a Santa and there is no Santa. There is a Santa but not the one your thinking of (Red Suit,Reindeer,"Ho Ho Ho",Ect) But there truly is a Santa.<3

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    If you want to no about Santa heres the story behing him:

    I have always been curious about one thing............Where do the letters go??? I think they float up to heaven<3<3<3

    Source(s): Me<3
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  • No, and Yes. He is not real physically, but is real emotionally. I stopped believing in him when I realized that how can on man, 12 reindeer, and one sleigh travel thousands of miles, to over billions of houses! I mean, come on. Santa, lets say is about 300 lbs. Plus the weight of billions of gifts, and a sleigh that is maybe, 200-500 pounds, be supported by 10-20 reindeer! Also, how can one man, survive the harsh climate of the Northpole, and for hundreds of years? But he did indeed live, but as St. Nicholas. He used his money to buy gifts for poor children. And, today is well and alive as the Christmas Spirit.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes Santa is real. The gift santa gives me are from Santa. Just to let you know

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey well santa is as real as you Want him to Be He may not be a figure but his spirit goes around and gives people that warm fuzzy feeling to be kind and thoughtful. But the real santa clause as long as you belive he is real to you. I belive in him as The giveing feeling everyone gets.

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  • 6 years ago

    Y'all don't need to go and ruin some ones dreams y'all just say sorry but believe if you want y'all don't need just go and say NOPE but he is real by the way.

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  • Course hes real.

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    Of course he is real,ask the Postal Service,They deliver his mail.

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