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omg twilight? duz any1 else feel da saaaaame?

y do ppl like twilight i mean its so stupid im a freshmen in high skoo and evry1 is lik OMG EDWARD SO HAWT I WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES and i read the frst book and its soooo stoopid i mean i wanted 2 burn the book after the frst chap.

does any1 else haaaaaaaaaate it 2

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    Oh my gosh, we'll address your horrible spelling and lack of punctuation later.

    But, TWILIGHT is is stupid and anyone who reads it must be as well. It's like a harlequin romance book with fangs.

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    Woah someoen types weird when they're voicing their dislikes. It's sort of bothering me... heh. Anyways,

    Yea, I feel the same sort of. The book was really lame, I tried to re-read it, and I just don't like it. I don't think Meyers is that good an author, and that it's mainly popular because it's popular (if that makes sense). I definitely don't think her books are of quality work.

    The movie was ok, Bella was definitely boring. And I don't really think Edward was that hot, but the movie, and the pace it was going and everything was ok.

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    Ok, first of all, learn how to spell. I can barely understand what you are saying. Now, I love Twilight with all my heart, but I think it got way too overblown. It's annoying how every prepubescent girl in America won't shut up about it. It kinda ruined it for me.

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    Not really i think it is a really good book and the movie was good 2

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    Do people actually say that? I hope not!

    I know, I didn't even get through the entire thing, but it just didn't get my interest. It's okay to like vampire novels though. LOL.

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    omg!!! i agree with u.. after i saw the movie.... i almost threw-up... the WORST MOVIE EVERRRR. i swear... edward was creepy, ugly, and weird.. and kristen stwert was boring and just blahhhh.... in my opinion... TWILIGHT SUCKS!

    and the funny part is... when the book first came out and when it wasnt as popular.. i actually liked it.. but i think the reason u dont like the book is cuz EVERYONE is obsessed with it! and that just kinda kills the whole thing. lol.. oh well

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    no way! twilight rules! idk y anyone would hate it. stephenie meyer is a great author. what i do hate is ppl who say they are 'huge Twilight fans' after just seeing the movie. me, im a huge twilight fan i've read all the books 3 times and i could read them again and again.

    Go Team Edward!!

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    LOL. he's okay looking not that hot. and yea i agree i felt like there was no point to the story.

    Source(s): watched the movie. =]
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    well not everybody is the same, i thought it was pretty cool, but i mean were all different right

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