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VERY BAD NIGHTMARE! What does it mean?!?!?!?!?

I had a nightmare that i was at my high school (it has 4 separate buildings and they're all 2 stories) and when i walked in no one was there but me then i realized i was naked and needed to hid somewhere and i noticed a closet that looks like mine (its a sliding door and has selves in it) and ran inside of it to hide then sat on the shelve that was waist length. it was open a crack to see out soon enough the security guard walked in stopped looked at the closet that i was in then left when water poured onto me like a shower. now im naked wet cold hiding in a closet at school... ya weird.

then i saw my friend Will come by i jumped out to ask him to help me and he acted like i was crazy nd was saying " no ur not naked or wet, ur so funny lauren," and walked away. more kids came in so i jumped back in kids are walking by but im afraid to leave

i know some people will say that because of the closet that im gay but here's the thing im bi yet all of my friends nd family know so i have no idea what it means!!!

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    Here's the deal;;

    1) In my opinion, dreams don't mean anything at all. They're just dreams

    2) But if you absoultly think that this dream mean something it might. It may mean that you don't feel comfortable around all of your friends and family. You feel alone, maybe even crazy. You're not secure in your surroundings.

    Source(s): Me. :)
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    This kind of dream is extremely common. Almost all adults have had something similar. The reason we dream such things is that school is usually first area of our lives where we feel true pressure and vulnerability. You are probably feeling stress in other areas of your life. You are probably also feeling vulnerable which is manifesting itself in the form of the nakedness. Think carefully about your waking life. What has been causing you stress lately? What situations have left you feeling "naked"? Once you see the dream for what it really signifies (and the closest has little to do with anything more than your insecurity) it will be easier understand.

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    Most likely means that you ate something before you went to bed that was either unusual for you or spicey, or that you had this dream during the time when your blood sugar level dropped below a critical "dream-stimulating" level. The contents of the dream don't have near as much meaning as the fact that you did have a dream, neither of which is an accurate portrayal of anything in your daily life. God Bless you.

    Source(s): I'm a mental health professional with 20+ years experience, now retired.
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    maby it means that your sacred about being openly bi, that is why you where naked. and you think that no one can see that and just look on, that is why will did not see that you where naked.and being in the school could just be radom place.

    Source(s): i had a dream that i lived my life whith all my thoughts on a board.
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    Your afraid of showing yourself to others

    Source(s): Me:) I'm pretty sure
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