How long would it take to kayak or canoe the murray river (victoria/nsw)?

A friend and i are wanting to canoe or kayak the murray, a length of 2575km's, we will go with the current. How long would it take? Any tips or anything from those who have done it?

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  • awaywa
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    1 decade ago
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    A typical weekend paddler can do maybe 30km in a day. Someone who's done significant training for a trip like the one you're considering could do 50km or more. That assumes nothing helping or hindering you. If the current is significant, that can of course help you. Any wind blowing upstream could slow you down, as well as any places where you'd have to portage (for instance, check whether you can paddle through the locks or portage around).

    In any case, you're probably looking at several weeks. You'll have a more accurate answer after some planning and training. Maybe do a trip on a shorter section of river to see how your pacing is.

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