Can I send a first class bubble envelope using regular postage stamps?

I want to send a pair of earrings via First Class in a small bubble envelope. It weighs two ounces. The USPS website says it will cost $1.00 to ship it First Class. The problem is that I only have regular stamps and I don't want to drive all the way to the post office to ship it.

So can I just stick on 3 regular stamps (42 cents each) on the bubble mailer, write "First Class" on it, and leave it for the postman to pick up?

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    Yep, you can always use postage, even for big packages (just you'll need a lot of them!)

    You will need to pay a 20c surcharge because of it's bulkiness, and because it has to be hand sorted.

    It will actually cost 79c, as the base rate is 42c, and 17c per additional oz, along with the 20c surcharge if mailing within the US.

    If mailing to Canada or Mexico, its $1.47.

    For all other countries, it's $1.94.

    If you don't have other stamps, you can always use TWO 42c stamps, or the forever, or first class stamps. You'll lose 5c.

    You don't need to write First Class on it, it's always First Class anyways. Write "Air Mail" if its going international. You can also write "Fragile" if you want, not like that's really taken into account.

    Place it in your mailbox, lift the red indicator, and your envelope should be sent!

    Source(s): Frequent mailer to all sorts of places.
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    Yes, of course. You would be paying $1.26 when you only need $1, but if you don't care, the USPS doesn't care. You can use any combination of US stamps you want.

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    u need to go into USPS as both stamps are not correct value. u may get it returned.

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    Postage is postage. You bet you can use it.

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