My computer doesnt not work properly?

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there are several problems with my PC
- there is nothing displayed on my Monitor
- my PC shuts down in a couple of seconds after i turn it on .
Update : there are several problems with my PC - there is nothing displayed on my more
Update 2: -i have an asus p5s800 - VM mobo -2gb of ddr ram -pentium 4 3.0ghz - more
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Possible problems:

1. Your RAM failing can sometimes cause frequent reboots in the middle of running applications or even after you have started the PC up. You may want to remove and clean it then re-try. If this isn't successfully, invest in a good quality, cheap stick of DDR2 RAM.

2. Your power supply unit is an important component which powers the rest of your computer. It too, may be failing. This means that it can start up but soon cut out - leaving you with a blank screen. If you're not gaming, buy a 300 Watt PSU for an affordable price - generic brands are cheapest.

3. The monitor may also have failed. If it's an old computer then it simply may have done it's time - you'll need to find a new monitor. Catharay tubes are reliable, but LCD screens seem to be more popular now.


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  • ******* anonymous answered 5 years ago
    I'm not sure about the monitor issue unless the pc doesn't have the correct driver's for it to operate and or there is something wrong with it in the bios.

    My experience with my pc just shutting down on its own accord: had to do with a heating issue. The processor was over heating because the fan was not working properly.


    exp with assembling my pc at home.
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  • ! answered 5 years ago
    Maybe the problem is in the power supply because of the second problem, it shuts off in a couple of seconds after you turned it on.
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  • algebra answered 5 years ago
    Check your RAM. Replace your RAM with that of a working PC and try.
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  • Leo From Ask DrTeh answered 5 years ago
    May be you have problem with your power unit. Can You replace them?
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  • psimxc answered 5 years ago
    Use System Recovery, if you don't have one,
    Get your RECOVERY CD if you dont have one,
    tell a friend to let you borrow and DVD OS,

    Check That your computer is well connected and not to many things are connected in the power outlet..
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  • Sanjay Rajure answered 5 years ago
    boot from your operating system cd and run a repair install


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  • Lara answered 5 years ago
    First of all, LOL at the question, it doesn't NOT work properly?

    I can't really tell you a lot from the details, if nothing is on the monitor could it possibly be the monitor. Maybe it's just old age, maybe you are circuiting something.

    Have you checked all the plugs and cords? If it wont stay on there is nothing you can do to fix it yourself, someone needs to come or you need to take it to someone.

    My recommendation (though it will get thumbs down) get a mac.
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  • almathebest4u answered 5 years ago
    virus trojan i've the same problem and everything that fixed is windows new fresh install . is the only way i've been trying everything but nothing works out for me
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  • Govind answered 5 years ago
    1.if your pc shuts down in a couple of secondes then go to start -assoceries-system tools -system ristore then set back date .if it is not checked
    2.reinstel the window otherwise repair the window.
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