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Can I recycle aluminum cat food cans for money?

I toss tons each month into the recycle dumpster where I live, and got to thinking why should they make money off of me? So I'm wondering if like soda cans the cat food cans can be turned in for money.

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    yes of course the KEY WORD is ALUMINUM anything of this sort is easy money my grandma even puts aluminum foil from tacos she buys at taco stands very funny but where i live they actually give you money for it so stop recycling and get to making a little bit of cash instead of them making it for u

  • Louise
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    4 years ago

    they aren't worth anything by themselves - aluminum is aluminum - it takes about 10-12 aluminum cans including tabs to weigh a pound, which will get you whatever per pound alum scrap is going for today if it's $1.00 per pound, that's about 8 cents per can, which would mean you'd need hundreds and hundreds of can tabs to equal that same pound - not worth the time or effort - just get the full (empty) cans

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why don't you sell them instead, you could set up a stall outside your house.

  • Anonymous
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