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Teen girls and relationships these days. What's the truth?

I have a few questions about how attraction works in modern society around teens.

Now, I'm no expert, but just about every site you see that gives out advice about girls always says things like "Be nice" or "Be respectful". Though, through experience, I have learned that that is not always the case, at least with teens.

Now I'm a teen myself, and I'm generally a nice person (probably because how I was raised) though I am about as social as anyone else. I have no problem talking to girls. However, I have noticed that teen girls seem to like the "bad boy" image. Now this comes as no surprise to me. But, what is contrary to what the help sites say, I noticed that they often go for the arrogant douchebag kinds of guys who have no respect. This is what frustrates me most of the time. Could be because arrogance may be misconceived as confidence?

Please explain to me this. Is it because teenagers are immature, and when they mature (age 19+) they begin to search for guys that are more caring, like a father?


Also, I may be respectful and nice, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun and not be boring haha.

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    bad guys aren't boring, and when in high school boring is the last thing u want, of course this is only for some. i like my bf cause he's so respectful, kind, and polite, and he likes me for the same reasons. however, it is boring, bad guys actually try stuff, and like my bf and i haven't kissed after a year.

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    im 16 and i dont like the "bad boys" but that doesnt mean i dont ever fall for them. just like guys dont understand girls, girls dont really understand guys. we cant always see that the guy is a total douche because they usually act nice in the begining and then show their true colors later but sometimes girls are so "in love" that they dont see it or dont believe it or even say "well he's not like that w/me" or "he isnt like that anymore". i used to be the same way. but i've learned that its the really good looking guys that end up being a**holes so i just usually go for the good looking but not hot guys to avoid the a**holes which sometimes doesnt work.

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    No. Its because girls now a days are stupid and DONT know whats good for them. honestly im 18 going to be 19 soon;and i used to date those a*holes only because i liked the chase,its a challenge. But it is stupid. a real mature women/girl would be wise to stick with the guys who treat you like a woman and not a piece of meat.

    =] so dont chase girls who want to be chased. find that special girl who likes you for you. not because you curse at her. lol

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    For some girls, the "bad boy" can fell more mysterious than the social one. But thats not all girls, it just depends on the girl in the situation.

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    different girls have different taste in boys. so look for girls you feel attracted too. "bad boy" for girls could mean so many different things, thats another thing that makes us girls so complecating! what your saying is true, to some extent, but it really all depends. i think a relationship should be romantic, and honest. you both should repect each other.

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    the reason those girls look for the bad boys because the bad boys are known as cool wit poppin swagg and they are probably class clowns and they are popular so those same girls who chase after those boys only want attention

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    I like men who are intelligent... like you, for example.

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    i like the nice, funny type guys ;]

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