What does Australia day mean to you and how will you celebrate?

Australia Day means different things to different people, for some it's time for a holiday, for others it's about celebrating their identity and for many it's not complete without the Triple J Hottest 100. What does it mean to you?

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    Its a day that all Australians black or white or any colour celebrate the lovely country we live in, as the saying goes


    it is to remind us we do live in a lucky country, i am English born but have lived here most of my life. I became naturalised in 1997 after being home to Britain on holiday, and realising it was nice to visit but it was great to get back to Australia my home. I live in West Aus, we have great weather , not to cold , not too hot.lovely beaches, the people are great. i dont celebrate any way special on the day, to lazy to get up early to go to Aussie breakfast, and most of my family live 2 hours away and doing ther own thing, my son and grandkids are in Brisbane.

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    It's not the right date to celebrate: we don't celebrate the start of the Vietnam War, the onset of Horse Flu, or the Influenza Epidemic. Why do we celebrate Australia on the anniversary of an invasion* that has marginalised and dispossessed the oldest culture on the planet? (*Definition: Invasion: entrance as if to take possession or overrun).

    I descend from those invading "pioneers". Many came here as victims of oppression: cultural, economic, famine, religious and ethic. Yet they learned nothing from the experience and proceeded to do the same to traditional Australians over the past six generations. They cleared too much land, they drove wildlife to extinction, and they gridded out a proud culture with their fences and stock.

    I am SORRY that my family benefited and others continue to suffer and I also take opportunities to ACT on my apology. I am keen to help our more recent Australian arrivals learn about this and acknowledge the people of the country they also benefit from inhabiting.

    Being a good mate is what Australia is about - not celebrating an event of oppression. (Some of the comments above are indicative of the continuing psychological problem some people have about this. So sad.)

    Let's pick another date please, and not at such a hot time of year and so close to Christmas and New Year holidays. Why not replace the "Queen's Birthday"? It's celebrated on different dates in different States - and it's not the birthday of the current English monarch anyway. Just an excuse for a day off and some pyromania. Who cares that it was Queen Victoria's birthday? Make it Australia Day and let off those fireworks in the low bushfire risk season instead of frying on the beach again.

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    What Australia Day Means

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    I think that Federation Day would really be a more appropriate day for us to celebrate becoming a nation, as it it true, the landing of white settlers ("australia day") led to a great many massive wrongdoings against the indigenous population (and our environment) which are not really events to be proud of, or celebrate. However, over the years I do think that Australia Day has taken on a new meaning aside from that original meaning, as shown by most of the answers here. It's like Christmas which for many is no longer a religious event but a celebration of family etc.

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    Australia Day is a chance to reflect on not only where we've been, but also where we are going.

    If we are celebrating the arrival of the First Fleet, why don't we celebrate it on the day they arrived in Australia? This was on 18 January 1788.

    The 26 January is the anniversary of the foundation of the City of Sydney, six days after they arrived. Looks to me like NSW has hi-jacked the whole country. (remember in 1988 the fireworks were all in Sydney?)

    We became Australia by act of British Parliament on the 1 January, but we are still tied to them by the monarchy. Until we break this tie we can't claim to be truly independent.

    This used to be called the "Lucky Country" because we were the most egalitarian country in the world. Thanks to misguided economists we are racing towards being like the rest of the world which bases it's economy on having an underclass of workers that is so poor, that 5% of the population can become obscenely rich from their struggle to survive. (Why didn't they just go and live overseas?)

    Source(s): Dates supplied by Australia Post bi-centennial stamp issue.
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    Most years my family spends it together, we usually have a BBQ or go to a BBQ with friends, and most years we go to the Australia Day Ceremony. This year is different though, my younger sister is going to her Boy Friends place, his B'day is the day before, and they are going to an Australia Themed Bairthday party also. I have to work, which is ok. I have arranged to wear some Australia Themed items, such as badge and hair something. No doubt the town will be ful of people, so it's good for business. I would love to spend it with family, but I guess some of us have to give it up to keep some shops open, (I work at a Corner shop that sells fuel, drinks, confectionary, DVD's and stock feed.) I will be listening to the radio and no doubt it will be hot, whats an Australia Day without a little hot weather.

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    We don't do anything special but I respect what the day is for. I don't think the Sky Show is a necessary thing as the money could be used for better things like health the elderly etc: I think it is a good time to reflect on how we were and how we are in a once magnificent country gone backwards through a number of things.Lets all take a long look at what has happened here on this the most important day in the Australian Calendar for all Australians.

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    Australia day means Michael Bevan smashing Curtly Ambrose straight for 4 with 1 ball remaining and 1 wicket in hand in the Australia Day one day international approx 13 years ago. I will be celebrating with a cold beer or 10 watching the cricket again.

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    How many people know what Australia day is all about ?Australia day is about Australia becoming a nation being able to ruled by its people not a dictatorship, we are free to follow what ever religion we choose, most of us have jobs, houses, our children do'n't starve, we have a welfare system, sure some times things stuff up, but where in the world could you find better, This is why I think Australia Day should be celebrated, most of all our freedom, After all why do so many people want to come to live here? I am on my own so I will celebrate by going to see the Film Australia **TO ppshead Why don't you find some where better that's if they will have you, your just the type of person we don't need**

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    As a Kiwi permanent Resident it is a day to think about this new Life, the vastness of the Country and A Chance to Explore some thing Different and Meet New People ,A day to Enjoy the " Lucky Country"

    and to all those who are from other faiths who pooh hoo the Idea ! wake up and smell the Roses , Auzzie Auzzie Auzzie ,Wi Wi Wi

    Kiwi that is ,

    And Have a Great day smile at some one you dont Know and Say Hi !!

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    Australia Day means to me-how bloody lucky we are to live in this country where we have freedom of speech,we can walk our streets and be fairly safe, we have good food, good weather, and we are a safe country to live in.Aussie people have a great attitude and are prepared to give every-one a go, if anything we are probably too tolerant and put up with more than what we should, particularly from certain groups of people who do not want to go back to their own countries but are happy to stay here but don't "like the Australian way of life" and do nothing but knock the country and try and breed hatred. This is a great country and i thank-god every day i wake up here and not somewhere where bombs are going off every minute and suicide bombers are selfish enough too take their own life along with other innocent people who allot of cases are mainly children. Thank god for Australia, the Lucky Country

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