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What is the question in "The Quest" (Stargate SG-1)?

In the season 10 episode "The Quest" (Part 1, for those who wish to be technical), one of the tasks that SG-1, Ba'al and Adria have to navigate are riddles written on walls as caverns are collapsing around them. By saying the answer in Latin, the wall disappears and allows them to pass.

On the third riddle, Daniel Jackson can only translate the first bit of the question. However, Adria yells out the answer anyway and the wall disappears (and the cavern stops collapsing).

What is the question? And what was the Answer? How did Adria know?

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    The part of the riddle Daniel reads is:

    "Battle-scarred in times of strife, resistant to ..."

    Adria answers "Contagia!" (The answers are in Ancient, btw, not Latin (which is supposed to be derived from Ancient)

    How she knew? She probably understood the full text. Or she could guess from the bit Daniel translated, she has knowledge/power beyond any other human, so...

    Contagia is not translated but there are assumptions what it could mean. It resembles the Latin Word for Illness, Contact (see the engl. word contagious, too).

    I guess that is meant, especially since the other answers are similar to Latin too.

    Engisch - Ancient - Latin

    Key - Clavia - Clavis

    Wind - Ventio - Ventus

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  • 4 years ago

    Stargate Adria

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Favourite good guy: Samantha Carter. She smart, funny, can kick some serious ***, and is a biker. Favourite bad guy: Adria. There was just so many possibilities that weren't explored! Least favourite: Gotta say it, but Skaara/Klorel never really did it for me. I felt they were trying to bring too much of the movie into the show.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    contegia (latin) = shield. logic it's scarred and resistant

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