So when is it winter in Australia?

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    Seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. When it's Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, its Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. So winter in Australia is during June, July and August.

    ps> I'm in Melbourne too; loving this heatwave Meilie? I'm sure not :( I'm envious of the Northern Hemisphere's winter right now, haha.

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    Hi There

    I am from Melbourne (Australia)

    The above poster has got it wrong - that is winter for the Northern Hemisphere.

    Our winter is from June to end of August (ish). Our coldest month is July - we get snow on some of our mountains too, just not in all our suburbs like majority of coastal America :-)

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    So when is it winter in Australia?

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    When Is Winter

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    June, July August mainly, it can last a little longer though.

    We're having a massive heatwave here in Adelaide though right now, I really wish it was winter!

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    Yes it is winter here up North, but you adjust. Must be nice to have that heat, enjoy while you can. June, July & August.

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    Because Australia is in the southern hemisphere and not the northern.

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    during the months of December January and February due to it being in the southern Hemisphere

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