Isn't this stupid (Iraq) war part of the reason why are in such a deficit?

I think we should open "Lobbyist Hawk Hunting Season". This is ridiculous. Republicans preach about being fiscally conservative yet they lobby to spend all of this money on unnecessary military crap.


Remember people, this war based on a lie is costing us about $10 BILLION /month! That's BILLION! I know there are many people that don't know numbers that well (it's 1000 stacks of $1 million). I would rather give this money to GM and Chrysler to help Americans keep jobs HERE IN THE US.

Update 2:

And lets stop with the "defending" argument. This country never attacked us (Is this what FOX News is reporting?). We need to defend ourselves from ....OUR POLITICIANS.

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    Yes, that and tax cuts for billionaires in a time of war. This is the only time in US history when there was a tax cut during a war. The Bush junta said that this war wouldn't last 6 months(Rumsfeld) and would pay for itself (Wolfowitz). It was just another lie in the long list of lies from Bush.

    As far as jobs for Americans, that war has been going on for many years and we are losing. China became the power house in manufacturing because of their insistence that any product sold in China has at least 60% content Chinese made. So companies had to move manufacturing to China, and set up Chinese suppliers. These suppliers and companies started under cutting and dumping on the American market which has driven jobs out of the USA.

    We need to start taxing and using tariffs against foreign made products. We need to provide incentives for companies to keep jobs in the US market. Stop all the companies bringing in H1B visa holders who are taking away middle class jobs and driving down salaries. Stop all the businesses who hire illegals. This has been an economic war and the traitors are the Republicans who are so deep in the pockets of multinationals, they don't care if Americans are out of jobs and living in the streets.

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    no, the war in iraq is not the reason for high gas prices. The reason is that the oil companies looove raping America of every cent we make. They are making rediculous profits right now. So the war may have caused some rise in prices, but that does not explain the record profits. And by increases in tax, they have only increased for the poor and middle class, not for the rich. They have been drasticly cut for the rich. So the poor are paying for the war while the rich are bathing in money because of it.

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    Grow a spine. I guess you would rather that we not defend our very way of life. This war was being waged against our nation and our way of life for decades before we chose to take the fight to the nut cases in the middle East.

    Oh I forgot -- liberals don't care about freedom, you just want socialism and hand outs

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    No. We've been spending recklessly for a long time.

    Besides, which part of government squandering is causing the excess? Are you just blaming the part you don't like?

    I don't like other parts. Should I blame them instead of your choice?

    If you want to be smarter, keep thinking beyond the conclusion you like. There are often others that make more sense, or is that what you fear?

    Source(s): decades studying philosophies and cultures
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    Republicans are the number one reason we have such a huge deficit. What else could have possibly been the out come of giving tax breaks to the wealthiest?

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    Yes, but there are much bigger reasons why we are in such a deficit. The biggest reason is that politicians, even Republicans, have no concept of fiscal responsibility.

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    unless youd rather be speaking arabic and wearing a robe, its probably a good idea this country is defended and as such this war isnt..."stupid". if you dont defend this country in short order you wont have one to worry about. the answer to your question is

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    sure the war is part of it... .but only part of it...

    the major reason is the government doesn't believe in cutting...

    when you need to control your budget at your house you dont' do it by managering the numbers.. you do it be reducing expenses....

    when your job needs to reduce costs.. they fire people and cut costs...

    the government redefines therir debt.. then hires more people to talk about how well off they are...

    bottom line is untill we reduce the actual number of people being paid by the taxpayers the debt will continue to grow.

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    You might have a better view if you hack down some of the bias that's blocking your field of vision.

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    What U_Bin said.

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