How to Determine Distance from Acceleration [Physcs]?

Does anyone know how to do this, here is the problem....

Car A drives passed Car B at a constant 24 m/s.....Car A, which was at rest, starts accelerating at 2.3 m/s^2 the instant it is passed by car B. How far does car A travel before passing car B, and at what speed does car A pass car B?

Please so equations, for me the "why" is more important then the answer itself. Thank you for your help!


i get what you are saying about the motion as time passes, is there any specific formula I can use to find this?

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    Hi. The speed difference was 24m/s during the pass. Car B has a velocity of 2.3m/s at the end of the first second. (Average velocity is half of that). Car A is now 24m - the average value of B away. At the end of two seconds A is 48m from the crossing point and B is now traveling at 4.6m/s (again, average is half of that). Does this help?

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    You must know the equations in order to do this because you will have to look at the comparison of the equations. You may want to draw it out, with the exact velocity at the exact time and place and then be at the same perpspective as the outisder sitting next to the road, Car A, and Car B. This difference will support the accelerations from each perspective, but I think that this is from relativity and Calculus, both of which I have meager knowledge.

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