Can money buy you "anything"...that you could want in life?

women, car, business, world pace, don't count.... thank you

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    But unfortunately I do not have enough money :(

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    no, of course not. Money can buy you worthless material things such as a car, a book and those things. But really, the things that matter to survival are things you don't need money for. All the ideas that make a healthy person for instance: love, hope, the ability to be happy, youth...all those things can't be bought, can they? We can create the illusion as we have in the modern world that having this or that will make me happy. But as we see from the statistics, the happiest countries of the world are among the poorest and smallest. Food and water don't need to be paid for, because anyone could get them for themselves. And literacy can be passed down through friends and generations, so really no money need be paid on schools either. If money could buy anything, humans would not have invented it, nature would have. But money is a human invention so it can only by human invented products, and these are the things that are less important than natural products.

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    I think I speak for most guys when I say that being with a woman that you could buy would mean that she would f**k you over whenever she got the chance.

    I think all the things people buy are indirect ways of trying to get at what they REALLY want like family or friends.

    So NO money can't really buy you happiness but it it can soemtimes help alleviate some stress. :)

  • I am not for sale.

    So no money can buy me.

    If you are for sale, and if you can sell yourself, my money can buy everyone and everything in this in this universe.

    It is just a piece of paper after which many many handicapped people are running.

    Those who have the power, they prefer the armed struggle, not money.

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    Money buys you things, so if material things are all you want then yes. but as for everything else, then no. Being rich doesn't stop you from having those things, but it doesn't guarantee them either.

  • RowArk
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    Money can buy anything that has a willing seller. It has no further power.

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    to be completely honest it can't buy you memories, people that truly care about you, or absolute trust. i value my family, friends and the time i have with them more than money.

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    that is the purpose of money today. buy anything until comes atm

  • 1 decade ago

    i think it can buy me

    a sports car

    charm bracelets

    watches of squash

    beautiful sunglasses

    and hundreds of barbie dolls

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