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shouldi take my 2002 jeep grand cherokee off roading?

i just got this jeep and i was wondering if i could take it off roading or through the mud?

it's 4 wheel drive so hopefully i will have no trouble but some people keep telling me it's not a reaL JEEP that it's just a "mall running jeep"

is this true...i got the jeep to have fun in off road...! can I??

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    Only if you want to beat the crap out of it, and have it spend time in the repair shop.

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    yes yes and yes. Jeep doesnt make a mall running jeep. We have a wrangler, 2 cj7s and a cherokee. cj7 are amazing for getting around the ruff stuff, wrangler is used for hunting because its makes the least noise, and the cherokee is used for taking the people on tours of the ranch who need a little pampering, leather, ac, stereo. we also have a h-1 military hummer, but its too wide for the jeep trails, ends up sitting and collecting dust while our jeeps get all the fun use.

    p.s. going into deep mud? let a little air out of the tires first.

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    your jeep will be fine as long as your careful.

    dont go balls to the wall just yet, just creep around thru the mud and do a little trail ridin.

    we have a jeep grand cherokee for this exact purpose. it started out stock and did just fine. but if you wanna play every weekend or so like we do youll wanna put atleast a 3 inch body lift on it, a set of good 31x10.50's to shove under it and possibly some rock sliders to save your rocker panels if you are goin thru narrow stuff.

    its all pretty cheap to do and your jeep will look awesome and deffinitly be able to make everyone think twice bout puttin it down

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    your jeep has a lot of lux items that well fall apart off roding. But the basic jeep is sound . A friend of mine has a jeep cherokee w/Stroker motor up grade on the trans. and a bullet proof sound system. that comes out in pieces for camping. have fun!!!

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    The Jeep can do it. Can you drive under those conditions and control the Jeep ensuring you are not going to smack into something? Go to a place where you are not going to mess the Jeep up first day. AS you get more confident and knowledgeable you can go more places.

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    YES!!!! Grand Cherokees are capable of going off road.

    muddin' is so much fun. even if you don't have 4 wheel drive, which i don't cause it doesnt work, but i only got stuck in about 3 feet of really soft...goop.

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    You definitely should. It is a Jeep they are made for it

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    If it's 4WD then you'll be fine. Just watch the narrow paths and don't do anything to extreme your first time.

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    Go for it. Nay sayers will always try to destroy your desires. Mudding is one of my best memories.

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    Why not?

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