How many hours is 1gb?

approx?? I have 1gb of usage on my wireless usb internet, but i dont know how many hours that would be. I cant figure out how to find out how long it is. I dont download much, or watch youtube, its basically surfing net and checking mails.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    first of all download du meter. it shows your browsing amount .when you browse website which use high animation,graphics etc. then your amount (1gb) will finish soon. but web site which use low graphics you can browse more. so it depends on your browsing. you can stop image,sounds,animation etc. in the internet explorer. to do so, open internet explorer > click tools menu > click internet options > click advanced tab > in settings you can see a category name multimedia. then unchecked the boxes and click apply. close internet explorer and open it again. now you can browse web page more faster and your amount (1gb) will decrease slower than before.

  • 1 decade ago

    It varies wildly, but assuming you don't download songs or videos, typical browsing and email usage is 30-55 MB/hour. 1GB is 1,024 MB, so that's about 18-34 hours of typical web browsing.

    If you can use a browser that shows you your usage (like Firefox can), that's probably a good idea.

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