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I have 2 days in Sydney Australia and I am wondering what there is to do I am staying right near the bridge?

Places to eat, Shop, attractions, tours etc.

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    Two days is barely enough to cover the city centre really. Things worth doing though:

    1. Take a ferry to Manly. You get the best views of the harbour and the opera house for the price of a ferry ticket. Manly has a great beach culture and great shopping/eats.

    2. Wonder through the Rocks (southern end of the Harbour Bridge) and get souvenirs and nick nacks to take home with you or just soak up the historic atmosphere. If you are visiting on a weekend be sure to visit the rocks Sunday Markets on the northern end of George st. You can also get a walking tour of the Rocks, circular quay and other parts of the city centre. Keep an eye out for a little bakery/pastry shop on the main street of the Rocks facing Circular Quay. Its the best place I know to pickup an Aussie meat Pie and other tasty lunches and sweet treats. Remember also to check out the buskers near the Circular Quay ferry wharves. Apart from the living statues you will be sure to find at least one traditional Aboriginal (in tribal attire) properly playing a didgeridoo.

    3. For downtown city shopping be sure to visit the Queen Victoria Building (QVB), the Strand Arcade and the Pitt St Mall. If you don't suffer vertigo you might want to visit Sydney Tower at Centrepoint while you are there.

    4. Don't forget that you can also walk across the bridge itself for free. There is a small museum in the southern pylon (opera house side) that tells all about the construction of the harbour bridge. The ticket also gives you access to the lookout at the top of the pylon. Well worth the entry price alone. You could also book online before you leave and trek up the arches of the Bridge with BridgeClimb.

    5. If you have the time, take a wander through Darling Harbour. There is always something happening there, day or night. At the very least you can catch some night life at the cockle bay wharf bars or visit the Aquarium or Aussie wildlife places down there that won't take all your time.

    6. If you do have the time, take a ferry to Taronga Zoo. Entry is expensive, but its the one place where you can see the most unique Australian animals all in one place.

    7. If you are into Greenery and beautiful plant life, you can visit the Botanical Gardens which run a good length of eastern edge of the city centre. There are several gates into it, with one right next to the Opera House. Reminds me, you can also take the 10 dollar guided tour (prob more now) of the Opera house. Buy your ticket from the lower shopping level on the western side of the Opera House forecourt.

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    I have been to Uluru driving. It was well worth it but I have no desires to go back. After all it is a big Rock with a lot of meaning to The Aboriginals great but such a long long way . It is in the desert and I think you would enjoy more time around The WhitSunday Islands or a few days on The Gold Coast if you want to sit around beautiful beaches. October in Cairns is getting very humid . The dry season has just finished and this is the build up before the wet but being in Cairns a trip to Port Douglas and The Daintree would be great as well as A trip out to the reef. and up into the table lands so plenty to do there. For Airlie Beach and The Whitsunday islands you can fly to Proserpine and a short bus [Maybe half an hour] trip to Airlie beach from there Virgin Australia and jetstar you should take a look at for some flight deals. This week jetstar where offering $19 fares Sydney to The Gold Coast. You may like a day trip to The Blue Mountains from Sydney and Bondi beach is a must but October is Spring so The weather in Sydney should be nice but be prepared incase it rains. A walk from Circular quay to China town if you want great cheaper Asian food. . Buy a day runaround ticket that takes you on Buses ferries and trains Take a ferry ride to watsons bay buy some fish and chips there . Also the river Cat to parramatta or a trip to Manly to take a good look at The Harbour and river areas . You can get a tourist boat but so much dearer than the commuter rides. Have a lovely trip

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    With only 2 days, don't waste time with the museum or art gallery (there's aren't good compared to other countries, even Auckland, New Zealands museum is huge & much more impressive than the Sydney one). Best bet is to take a tour seeing as you have so little time, you should be able to cover the main attractions in one day. Do a 2 hour harbour cruise. Don't listen to the person recommending Mosman & Newtown for shopping (they are too far & Newtown is grungy & Mosman is snobby & expensive & is only good for little French Patisseries but not worth going all the way over there just for a french pastry), may as well just do it in the CBD, Myer & David Jones Department Stores, lots of womens clothing stores, good sales on at the moment, I just went there & got awesome clothes for $10 a piece. There is a shop at the beginning of Oxford St at the city end on the left hand side that is selling everything in store for only $10. Strangely I don't think the shop had a name, it just had everything $10 written on the outside.

    Just do the 1 day tour & decide what to do on the 2nd day by what you saw on the tour, maybe you want to explore something interesting from that like the shops & cafe's in Paddington or a beach.

    Taronga Zoo is awesome & a nice ferry ride away but you need half a day (very expensive zoo though, AUS$40 for one person!), they do have a cable car there, a great view of the city skyline & a worthwhile bird show at 3pm. Also you can see all the Australian animals like wombat, kangaroo, etc.

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    Flake out on sun-drenched beaches, dine at award-winning restaurants and a lot more is what you should get on your visit to Sydney. Learn more with hotelbye . One of the world's good symbols and a certainly must see in Sydney could be the Sydney Opera House, a spot is just a UNESCO World Heritage Website and the celebrity interest on the glittering harbour. This graceful developing, designed like covers or billowing sails, perches on a hand of land surrounded by water. Sydney is a special place to invest your vacation so, do not eliminate the chance to see a good city.

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    2 days isn't long! If you're near the bridge go to the Opera House, the Rocks, China Town, Museums, Botanical Gardens. Get down to Bondi for a swim. Get a ferry from Circular Quay to Manly. Depending on what sort of shopping you want to do there's the CBD, Newtown, Balmain, Mossman.

    That's why I said "depending on what sort of shopping" Zebra!

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    I've never been 2 Sydney Australia but I guess u can go sight seeing

    and kayaking

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    well how about taking some picture of the Sydney opera house or meet and talk to some people you don know

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    Go to the bridge and jump off it.

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    KINGS CROSS one word.. HOOKERS.

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