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Help i need strong advice plz read ill give 10 pts?

She has a bf wich treats her bad and hits her and she gave him her virgintiy to him (she 15, i'm 17) . They been together 10 months and they brake up and get back Ive know her for more then a ear... We kissed and stuff. She said she likes me as a friend then l8r she said she liked me so then her lil sis told me she told her that she still likes me till this day. I told her my feelings again and she said she sees me as a friend now. Also Everytime we hang out she cant stop starring at me for sum reason.

1. "Her bf said he wants to have her baby and she said ok"

2. "Hes very controlling of her. When ever she hangs out with my friends she be telling them oh i gotta go before he gets ver mad".

3. "I also just noticed she was all bruised up in her arms and back"... She wears a jacket to school everyday even if its hot.

I told her mom about the whole thing and she beat her *** did i do ok??????????????????.......... Now shes going to be friends with him but even then im worrie hell still mess around with her should i be????... Also i feel alot better i told her mom i feel like its my time to move on should i also as in stop talking to her??????

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    it seems like she has some problems!!

    i think you deserve better

    any girl that would stay with a guy that beats them has problems

    she needs help you on the other hand should talk to her i think if you just stop then she'll get in a big mess with this guy, your helping her Breathe right now ( that's what i think ) and i thin she likes you too i mean a girl doesn't stare at a guy cuz he has nice clothes! I think you did the right thing to tell her mom because if she cant stick up for herself someone should! But fee really man you deserve better, be her friend butdon'tt be looking at a romantic relationship with her

    She's really messed Up

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    Ignore her, don't think about her anymore. She chose her own path and you have your won life to move onto. You guy are on a perpendicular path and there is only one intersection, that's it. If she still goes out with that guy, obviously she is getting something she wants out of it. You should focus on that other girl you talked about, it will worth much more than pondering on the first one.

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