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I need big time advice plz read ill give 10 pts?

he has a bf wich treats her bad and hits her and she gave him her virgintiy to him (she 15, i'm 17) . They been together 10 mos and they brake up and get back Ive know her for more then a year... We kissed and stuff. She said she likes me as a friend then she said she liked me so then i hear she still likes me till this day. """She even tried to mess around with my own cousin""... Yesterday my cousin was crying to me saying shes a hoe to leave her alone!.

Told her mom about it and she had a talk with her...They had to break up but now they go out on the low.

*Also hes a drugie he do coocaine, ex-pills, and other stuff hes 16*

1. I want to move on already i had enough of this she thinks im jealouse and talks smack about me of how jealouse i em i just want to move on stop talking to her and change my number should i ?

2. I just started talking to her freind and im starting to like her Shes helping me to talk to her ( Shes nothing like her).... Well i just told her i liked her friend the "dumb one" Did i kill my chances with her already?

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    The first girl is NOT a friend to you OR anyone. Feel sorry from a distance for the girl, she's obviously had some bad things go on in her life...which causes her to act out as she does. If you like the friend, don't sit and constantly talk about her/your friend, talk about you and listen to her about herself. Just be you...sounds like you may be a good catch. Good luck to you.

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    Your in a tuff situation u need to "LET GO AND LET GOD.Put GOD first and everything else will fall into place. Hope u r problem resolves soon let me know.

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    She is a slut and is not for you my friend, she obviously has many problems that you don't need. Go out with her friend and forget about that other girl.

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    Nice guy + Girl like that = Heartache & a waste of your time.


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    huh... i didnt get your question..

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