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What are the rules for vampires?

Don't answer if you don't think they are real no bs please.

By rules I mean, can they go in the sun without being hurt, how much blood do they need, what age do you awaken like that.

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    Real vampires are very different from what most people think of when they think of vampires. We are not supernatural beings who turn into bats and suck the blood from the living. We do drink blood, but that may be the only similarity to fictional vampires. We have family and friends, pets and jobs just like everyone else. Vampires are just like everyone else, except we need to have a little bit more to live healthily.

    There are two main types of real vampires. The most well known is the sanguinarian vampire. Sanguinarians are the vampires that feel the need to drink the blood of others. I myself am a sanguinarian vampire. I do drink human blood. I do not hunt humans in the night to drain them of blood, nor do I kill rats in the sewer to consume their blood. Sanguinarians only get their blood from WILLING donors. I drink from my fiancé. I myself, enjoy sucking blood, so I will use a sterile razor blade to make a small cut on her arm or her back and I will lap up the blood. Some vampires use other methods to get their blood. I do not drink blood every day.

    The other type of vampire is the psychic vampire. Psychic vampires, I do not know much about, but they feed off the psychic energy that everyone gives off. They have some way in which they draw peoples energy away from them and into their bodies.

    We cannot turn someone into a vampire. You have to be born a vampire. No one bit me, and I have never bit anyone (aside from my fiancé, in the bedroom *wink wink*). There is no known way to turn someone, and even if we could, it would be no different from the life a person already lives.

    Vampires are not like story books and movies, however. Vampires cannot fly (except on an airplane), we do not live forever, we do not turn into bats and fly around, we do not fry like a piece of chicken in the sunlight, we do not fear the cross or run for the wind from garlic. We have reflections and we are in every sense, just like regular people. We will die if we get shot, just like everyone else, we bleed, we cry, we love, we pray. We come in every shape, color, size, and age just like everyone else. There are ugly vampires, and pretty vampires, fat and thin vampires, black and white vampires, old and young vampires, Christian and Jewish vampires, and gay and straight vampires. We get colds, and the flu, suffer arthritis and cancer. We are not immune to any disease. We have normal jobs.

    I hope this helps you better understand real vampires. There are many websites that you can find more information. You can also email me. I will respond as soon as I can to any questions.

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    Thank-you, Thank-you, Citrine Witch, for posting the tenets of The Black Veil in response to this question. Yes, this is a REAL set of ethical and etiquette rules for real vampires. If you don't believe it, Google "Black Veil". It was even mentioned in an episode of CSI. There are several slightly different versions that you might come across online. It's been revised a few times, and different groups may adopt slightly different versions. According to Michelle Belanger, it was originally modeled after the laws of vampire behavior in the game "Vampire: the Masquerade", but has since been made less dramatic in its prose and more practical. As you can see, there are no punishments included for not following these rules. They are thus suggestions for proper behavior, rather than laws. I'm reserving my judgment on whether Elmo is a real vampire or not. It's possible she could be a vampire and not know about The Black Veil. It's also rare, but possible for vampires to have naturally longer canines (just as any human can). I know one hereditary sang who says he had longer canines naturally, but his father had them filed down when he was a kid. - P.

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    We don't NEED blood. It just helps us out when we are hungry or lightheaded. If I drink some I can usually go a few days without eating. The sun burns me very easily and makes my eyes sting but can't kill me. There really is no awakening age. My fangs started growing in the eighth grade although. And usually around the age of fourteen you start getting stronger.

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    Real vampires? Some can handle sun, some can't. But none burst into flames in the sun. Sanguinary vampires, the ones who drink blood, normally need just a teaspoon or so at a time, though the frequency of feeding varies by personal need. The average Awakening ages are between 16 and 20-ish, but it can be outside of that bracket.

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    This is Yahoo Answers, not Yahoo Answer-if-you-are-going-to-agree-with-me-S

    They are not real, so therefore there are no "rules". There are nut jobs who will drink human blood, but that does not make them the same as the demonic vampires of your fairy-tales and horror stories. However there are common characteristics of the vampires in the stories, some of which are listed on Wikipedia amongst many other places.

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    Don't pick your teeth at the dinner table.

    Don't leave blood in your finger bowl or on your napkin.

    Only one bite per night.

    Clean out your coffin at least once every 100 years.

    Too much sun is bad for your complextion.

    Be carefull around people practising silvaculture.

    If she resists your kiss, it could be more than bad breath.

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    they are born awake.

    im not sure what it dose but sun dose affect them. and none of that Twilight they sparkel in the sun BS.

    They do have needs to drink blood. in which they use somthign called a donner circle. Where there donners are cafefully screaned and takin care of ( I.E Free med care)

    P.S NOTHING about Twilight's vampires are real. NOTHING what so ever

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    Commonly they have a a bad reaction, to garlic,crosses,the sun and holy water. They can or can not go into sunlight depending on their strength.They are generally killed by forced sunlight exposure or a wooden steak through the heart.

    In some cases they have an animal or person to guard them while they sleep.

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    Strange question...

    No sun. They go and burn to a pile of ash in seconds to minutes, or can avaoid it depending on their abilities - MoonPhase.

    Enough blood to regenerate each morning. The longer they're around, the more blood they need - esp. in the case of 13 Bullets.

    Awakening whenever.

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    To post as many annoying questions about vampires as they possibly can.

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