Why are women's breasts so frightening?

Reasons why women should be allowed to go topless:

-Hiding things makes them more naughty. If we show them in the same ways men do, in the same situations, then they're no different. They aren't something distracting and they aren't something to be ashamed of.

-They aren't something to be ashamed of. Why should we be embarrassed of "wardrobe malfunctions" (let alone have such absurd euphemisms)? Why should we feel shy about an exposed nipple? Shyness and embarrassment are, very much, signs of shame. We have breasts, they are merely body parts and no cause for shame.

-We all have breasts. Men, women, and children: We all have breasts. Some of our breasts also include mammary glands, some don't. I agree that no one should be going out and exposing their mammary glands. The risk of infection in a non-surgical environment just isn't worth it. Otherwise, without dissection, it's just the same exact skin.

-We all have nipples. How do pasties and string bikinis make any difference? Women's breasts are more full than men's but our nipples and areolas are the same.

Reasons why it should be illegal for men to go topless so long as it is for women, as well:

-Absurd obesity and "man boobs". Not even just talking 100 pounds over weight but 200, 300, or more. If women's breasts are offensive no matter how "perfect" and "perky" that has to be easily something no one ever wants to be forced to see, ever.

-Carpet-like chest hair. Yum. I'd add back hair but we're allowed to show our backs.

-Nipples and areolas. If they are offensive on women then men should have to wear string bikinis or pasties as well.

-We love a great chest on a man but we can still function when we see one. Maybe, however, not all women can control themselves so. If women's chests are distracting and tempting to men men's chests are equally distracting and tempting to women. We are, after all, weaker and vastly more prone to emotional thinking. If men can't be expected to control their lust around our chests how can weak, vulnerable, naive, stupid we?

In hiding things, not to mention the legal requirement to hide, we maintain the idea that that thing needs to be hidden. It is something so horrifically offensive that no one should ever have to see it even by accident. Modesty is just the same concept under the guise of a prettier word.

We all have breasts. No one is asking to be allowed to expose anything under the skin that covers them and the only real difference in our mutual breasts. We have no desire to expose our milk ducts and, frankly, wouldn't blame you at all for not wanting to see them.

All we want is to not feel like this part of men's bodies is, somehow, less offensive than ours. All we want is to feel like being women, having the ability to produce milk, is not something to hide and be ashamed of. We just want to be "modest" in the same way men can.

Why is it such an awful idea?



I disagree, men's breasts are very sexual, both in their sensation and our appreciation. Frankly, seeing them in public has only ever made me appreciate and respect them more.

Your sons might (and I say "might" because I do assume you are teaching them better) learn, rather, to see the tabboo of women's breasts as a cause to objectify them more. Where hiding them makes us feel less human it might make your sons feel we are not as good as them, as well.

Update 2:

Zak (again):

You did get a thumbs up from me. We don't have to agree for me to respect and appreciate your thoughts.

Update 3:


My intent with the initial reasons why men should wear shirts was intended as ironic. Personally, I have no fear of fat or cup size.

Regarding legalization: The opposite is true regardless of the objectification ala "Girls Gone Wild." Virtualy every time the laws regarding female toplessness are challenged in any given community they are changed. It is recognized as discrimination to allow men to do something women are not allowed. It's just sad that legal suits are the only way to change it right now.

Update 4:


The same goes for men and dental floss. If we can wear it then you all should be able to as well. Have fun with that. I don't even wear thong underwear under other clothing. You'll learn to understand why when you don that dental floss.

Update 5:


Have you ever had a breast tumor removed? The larger the worse it looks while it heals. You get a huge divot while your body restores itself. Most often it goes away nd you get your perfect, pert boob back. Sometimes you don't. Should we feel embarrassed by this or be darn proud to show this ugly imperfection that has made us survive?

Update 6:


Modest is fine when it means not bragging or showing off. Modest is not fine when it means hiding the failure of being born female. Modest is not fine when it means we, women, should hide our breasts lest you, males, be to stupid to deal with it. In hiding breasts we are insulting both our genders.

Update 7:

Bob D:

I've addressed this in an email and it requires far more space than I have here. Suffice it to say: Thank you so much for a thought provoking and discussion-inspiring response. Agreement doesn't help us understand and grow. Open discussion does.

Thank you!

Update 8:

Bluebeard's wife:

I'm pretty sure I never advocated running around topless in a mall. Men can't and so women can't. Fine.

If your husband can go to the beach in just shorts or a speedo why can't you?

Frankly, I am a bit torn on women breastfeeding in public. Men can't expose their breasts in a restaurant so should it really be okay for women to just because there's a kid attached to it? Breast pumps work and if a child is really going to suffer from getting breast milk via a bottle then maybe there are greater things to consider. Even, maybe, bearinging the inconvenience of breast feeding in the car or bathroom.

Yeah, I'm a die-hard fminist but I don't think we get free passes for having uteruses or milk glands. They don't make us better and if we want to be treated the same as men we should give them the same respect that we have and want.

I'm not asking for anything more than they get nor making excuses because I can bear children. It takes both of us to raise kids.

Update 9:


Merci beaucoup! C'est tout que je voudrais, pas plus.

When men can expose so should we be allowed to, that's all. A nice chest is a beauty to behold on either gender. It shouldn't be a thing to hide out of shame for one of us when the other can show without fear.

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    I'm with you 100%. I grew up as a nudist and was never taught to be ashamed of my body or to be ashamed of someone else's nudity either.

    Here's what I've learned in my 24 years of being a nudist:

    Christians use the bible to both support nudity and to say it is wrong. I have friends who are devout Catholics and are nudists as well.

    Modesty is just a by-product of guilt. If you are taught to be ashamed of your body, you will have some sort remiss about it being seen nude. I do not know why anyone should be ashamed of something God gave them if they truely believe they are made in God's image. If you need to feel guilty about something, feel guilty about being unjust to your fellow man or discounting yourself, don't feel guilty about naked breasts.

    The female chest is only a sexual object because society says it is. It wasn't that long a go that the knees and elbows were considered sexual objects as well. The male chest is no longer considered taboo, but was as little as 100 years ago.

    If we didn't make a big deal about Top freedom, women's unclothed breasts would not be an issue.

    Clothing laws that exist for "sanitary" reasons are usually unfounded. It's one thing to have a need to keep hair out of prepared foods. However if a man can eat a hamburger bare chested at a cookout, why does he need to wear a shirt when eating in a restaurant or going into the quick-mart to get a soft drink?

    I grew up around women who breast fed their kids. I realize my point-of-view is skewed here, but the only reason people are unnerved about public breastfeeding is because the breasts are taboo. However, I think in today's day and age, especially with moms who work, bottle feedings are more logical because a woman shouldn't have to drop whatever she is doing to feed junior from the breast.

    If women wish to not wear a swimsuit top I absolutely belive they should be able to be top free. You'll get no arguements from me.

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  • 4 years ago

    I do prefer natural breasts, but I don't look down on women who get enhancements if they're needed and if done to look more on the natural side (need a good surgeon, etc). If someone has different sized breasts, illness (breast cancer), breasts sagging from pregnancy (a breast lift can do the trick, but a lot of women will get an augmentation as well because the breast lift procedure normally takes the breast down a cup...), etc etc. I do look down on women who try to look like Barbie dolls or "fit in" with the crowd (like in Cali, etc) and get enormous, ugly breast implants that look so unnatural!! No reason for that at all I think. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on the procedure maybe women like that need to use that valuable money for self esteem/self confidence counseling! I would never do something like that only to fit in or be more desirable, hell if someone doesn't like my breasts for what they are, they can take a hike!

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  • Offkey
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    1 decade ago

    I go topless at the beach (I'm French) and although men look, they do it very discreetly, which is all I ask, really. I wouldn't want to go topless anywhere else, though (well, in my garden as well, of course). It just seem more natural, actually. And those 2 centimeters of material actually make you look more sexy, I think.

    As for breastfeeding, I don't see why women should hide themselves. Are you going to let your baby starve? And do you really want to carry bottles if you're always breastfeeding him/her? Or buy a "pump" (you know, that thing that pumps your mils from your breast?) when you don't really need one? Breastfeeding is natural.

    But then, that's not really an issue in France! If men start staring, you just tell them off, and if people are around, chances are he'll feel like an idiot (for both situations)!

    I don't think you can always make everything exactly equal. I don't want to, not for things as unimportant as that! Breastfeeding is really natural, so it shouldn't be forbidden. And I've never understood why it should be an issue. As for going topless at the beach, I think it's the one place where we can do it! Someone mentionned kids. Well, until they are 8, they don't give a damn about it! After that, they just get used to it. Honestly, we don't breed perverts in France, and yet a lot of women go topless there.

    I get it's a cultural thing. I would personally be more worried if the only place where my kids (I don't have kids yet) could see boobies was on TV (or on the Internet, with porn). Ok, breasts are sexual "things" but at least they learn to see them in a natural way (and yes, I've talked about it with male friends, and they do say they enjoy watching them, but they also enjoy watching your bu*t, so...!

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    -It isn't about hiding your body out of shame. it's about protecting and covering something special and private out of respect.

    - No duh. But they are private parts. Shyness isn't a sign of shame, but a sign of a sense of propriety and appropriateness.

    -This is silly. Women's breasts are different and everyone knows it. Stop pretending like there is no difference between men's chests and women's breasts. They're not the same. Deal with it.

    -Thank you Captain Obvious! You have saved the village!

    Maybe we should all go out with no pants on too. After all, they're just genitals. Hiding them only makes them more naughty. Maybe seeing female genitals would make them less taboo and would make people stop using words for female genitals as derogatory terms. Privates are nothing to be ashamed of; it's just skin!

    Covering your body and keeping your private areas *private* is not a sign thatour bodies are horrific or offensive. It's a sign that it is private and needs to stay that way. Why do you object to the expectation that, when you're in public, you cover your private areas? If you want to go topless come to Canada. it's legal and nobody does it. Nobody really wants to do it.

    Frankly I wish men weren't allowed to strip down in public either. Too much information, you know? When you're i public you should be fully clothed. We are not animals. The only countries where people run around almost totally nude are also the most primitive ones. Ever notice that?


    "Breast pumps work and if a child is really going to suffer from getting breast milk via a bottle then maybe there are greater things to consider. Even, maybe, bearinging the inconvenience of breast feeding in the car or bathroom."

    If you were really all for equality then this paragraph wouldn't be here. Breastfeeding mothers would also have the right to bare their breasts in public, and they'd have a better reason than you because they'd be doing it to feed their babies. You don't really want equality though. You just want to run around all painted like the women Bluebeard is talking about. lol

    For the record - not everyone can pump. I can only use one for about a month, and then the pump won't do the trick any more. And i will breastfeed in a stinking bathroom as soon as you take your lunch into a stall and eat it there.

    "In Christianity flesh itself was considered sinful, let alone enjoying it."

    that's not true at all. Read the Bible.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sorry but I got the message I've gained from your post is probably the opposite of your intention. Rather than making it legal for women to go topless, I've come to the conclusion than men above a certain cup size should have to cover up as well. Anyway, a law legalizing public display of breasts would never pass due to the heavy lobbying of the girls gone wild franchise.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love women's breast. I think their beautiful. As for your question, in some societies women do go without their tops and men don't think about it like in our society. I think it's just cultural because women's breasts aren't seen as often. So when we do, it triggers a sexual response, because usually that's the only time we will get to see them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh, get real. People who oppose women showing their breasts oppose it because they see it as immodest and sexual. I'm sure a few people think how you're saying they all think, but most people don't. You're stretching this a long way to try to shame those who disagree with you. I can respect your views, and you've made some decent points here, but this is an awfully long reach here. Why do feminists so often state that if someone opposes them on something, it's clearly because they're afraid of women?

    FYI- It is illegal for men to go topless in public in the town next to mine. I'm not sure how much it's really enforced though.

    Bluebeard- Your second paragraph was completely bizarre but hilarious.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have to say that I liked your question because it really made me think. You had quite a few points out there that made me want to agree with you, but I am not sure on my stance. I agree with Zak that it wouldn't be good for kids, but then after so long they would get desensitzed and it would become normal, and women would feel better (according to you). However, as someone else stated, the problem could also be solved by making men with man-boobs cover up. But then that point could be argued by saying that that is labeling people by their weight which isn't "correct". To end my response I have a question for you - if you were allowed to go topless, where would you go topless and how many women would you expect to follow your lead and start this "new era" of mutual gender toplessness? Men can go "topless" but we don't go around everywhere topless. I guess it is a "privelege" I have never even realized... If you care to answer my question for you, please email me at rockfan530@gmail.com because I hardly check my yahoo or yahoo answers accounts. Thanks for that thought provoking question and hopefully you email me a reply :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This taboo comes from the Middle East courtesy of Judaism and Christianity. In Christianity flesh itself was considered sinful, let alone enjoying it.

    I don't think men fear breasts, but I have seen men complain about women breastfeeding in public. I told the guy this was perfectly natural, and at last he agreed with me. Blame in on Christianity.

    I think women are afraid to go topless because of the possible male harassment. I say possible instead of likely because there is a woman in Seattle (I think it is) who rides around on her bicycle completely nude. This was a national story. It's legal there as long as she isn't displaying here genitals. She would have complained about harassment, I believe, if it happened, but she seemed quite happy about riding around nude.

    Even women who aren't inhibited Christians are easily aroused to envy by seeing other women whose breasts may be more beautiful (in their own eyes, all female breasts are beautiful, especially the nipples - such erotic targets!). Women unconsciously buy smaller melons because they compare them to their own breasts (actual science report). Clearly women are sensitive about breasts and resent free shows for their husbands. So yes, there is a double standard, but women enforce it too.

    Source(s): Aging hippe
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