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I need big time advice plz read ill give 10 pts?

"She has a bf which treats her bad and hits her and tell everybody he had sex with her already the whole world knows already".. she gave him her virgintiy to him (she 15, i'm 17) . They been together 10 mos and they brake up and get back Ive know her for more then a year... We kissed and stuff. She said she likes me as a friend then she said she liked me so then i hear she still likes me till this day. """She even tried to mess around with my own cousin""... Yesterday my cousin was crying to me saying shes a hoe to leave her alone!.

Told her mom about it and she had a talk with her...They had to break up but now they go out on the low.

*Also hes a drugie he do coocaine, ex-pills, and other stuff hes 16*

1. I want to move on already i had enough of this she thinks im jealouse and talks smack about me of how jealouse i em i just want to move on stop talking to her and change my number should i ?

Im starting to like another girl wich is decent!, and worth it and i swear i would have treated her like a queen!.

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    ok to me it sounds like it came from a soap opera.


    it also sounds like something me and my ex would do or are doing. lol.


    if you like the girl that is decent then go out with her. thats what i would do but make sure she likes you back. and that she dont have a boyfriend sitting some where on the fore front. and don't cheat thats what chicks don't like but hate. i don't like cheating and it sucks to get cheated on

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    Wow are you talking approximately my existence while i replaced into that age. ok before everything all, he's her previous flame and you is purely no longer waiting to alter that, 2nd she is dumb for letter him take care of her like that, its so frustrating getting over somebody you had this form of conection with, yet right it quite is my propose, i'd flow on there'll constantly be lacking from her the two if she is with this loser of a bf or if she is without. this is going to take her time to recover from him and leaping into yet another relationship isn't reliable and she or he isnt going to choose to try this. For her buddy, you on no account tell a females buddy which you liek her buddy. If the girls buddy is chatting with you there must be a reason and in line with risk she likes you. Dont strengthen this different lady except she does first. dont say anyhting propose or hurtful because of the fact shes the girls buddy and understand she would be in a position to appreciate the style you could talk approximately her if some thing occurs. purely flow on quit talkin to this loopy lady and her drugy boyfriend. Dont answer her calls dont textual content her lower back. purely flow on! changing your selection would additionally be a plus!!

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    FOCUS UR ATTENTION ON THE 2ND GIRL!! I have the same situation and im focusing on someone whos name u will figure her name :) ya my situation didnt involve drugs tho lol. but the girl i thought was nice is actually pretty mean So again i say FOCUS ON THE 2ND GIRL

    From the guy that loves someone by the name of Maddi

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    It sounds to me like you have a slut on your hands. well i would move on leave her out of the picture do what you have to do to get away from her. she will cause you trouble. change your # tell her to stop calling. stop talking to her. put in your mind that she doesn't exist any more. the sooner you leave her behind the better.

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    Well you seem like a very sweet guy so why put your heart out there to get hurt I think she doesn't deserve you so move on she sounds like a dumb female anyway to let people beat her and get back together with them!!!!

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    If it comes to changing your phone number then I would... Focus on what you have (the new girl you're interested in) and leave the other one behind.

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    1.) hamsadwich THAT WAS RUDE

    2.)i think you should go out with the other girl and see if you like her enough to stay with her

    3.) i would go with your gut feeling if you feel you need to change yor # change it....if not then it's okay........(i would discuss this with your mother also

    (i do not want any points it's okay)

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    hello, ive read your question

    please give me the 10 points as promised.


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