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I need big time advice plz read ill give 10 pts?

"She has a bf which treats her bad and hits her and tell everybody he had sex with her already the whole world knows already".. she gave him her virgintiy to him (she 15, i'm 17) . They been together 10 mos and they brake up and get back Ive know her for more then a year... We kissed and stuff. She said she likes me as a friend then she said she liked me so then i hear she still likes me till this day. """She even tried to mess around with my own cousin""... Yesterday my cousin was crying to me saying shes a hoe to leave her alone!.

Told her mom about it and she had a talk with her...They had to break up but now they go out on the low.

*Also hes a drugie he do coocaine, ex-pills, and other stuff hes 16*

1. I want to move on already i had enough of this she thinks im jealouse and talks smack about me of how jealouse i em i just want to move on stop talking to her and change my number should i ?

Im starting to like another girl wich is decent!, and worth it and i swear i would have treated her like a queen!.

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    you are young....don't focus on trying to find "the one" cause the chances of it happening at your age are slim to none. Just see who's out there, figure out what you like and what you don't like when it comes to relationships. just have fun...SAFE fun. That girl, she sounds like she has some self esteem issues. I say let her talk about you , let her think what she wants...who cares...sticks and stones hun. if you ignore it you will come out on top looking like the bigger person, just brush it off your shoulders and go about your day. "you wouldn't worry so much about what people think about you if you realized how little they did"....good quote, think about it!

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    Move on, she's a lost cause.

    (you can put a block on your phone so she can't call you instead of changing your number)

    Ask the decent girl out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    drop the hot goods and run!....

    shes like a grenade with the pin pulled...and it s ready to explode.

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