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What's this expression mean: "there must be something in the water"?

Is it a reference to a song or something? If so, mind explaining?

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    It means "widespread" in a puzzling sense.

    For example, if everyone in the class is acting silly on a particular day, the teacher might say, "There must be something in the water." This is used because normally everyone at the same place takes his or her water from the same source and so if there is something in this water, it will effect everyone in the same way.

    So if you see something in larger than usual quantities and don't understand the cause of it, you can use this expression.

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    I agree with Deborah C. I was once also working at a Resort and all the women seemed to be pregnant and my friend and I said "there must be something in the water!" meaning it's going around...

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    Something in the water is just a funny explanation why there are so many cases of something --whether it's everyone in the room is laughing or everyone is pregnant or whatever. As if someone slipped a drug in the water supply and now everyone's infected.

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    Usually when a person is giddy or seems to have an inside joke while others are scratching their head about what is so funny.... don't know, so must be something in the water. Meaning, outside source as not obviously funny to most or all others in the area...

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    Someone said that to me and I was confused. I think it's a symbolic reference to the fact that drinking unclean water can make you sick, or salty water can make you go crazy. When you say/do something, and they don't understand why you did it, that's just a saying that might reflect the fact of salty water making you crazy, indirectly implying that you may have drank it, but not really meaning it. Just 'cause someone may have done something they don't usually do, or they might do crazy things a lot, it doesn't mean they're crazy.

    ...I hope that makes some sense, and it helps.

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    "If you must" means, "if you feel it's important to you." One thing I don't get though is, marriages are usually a two way street, so when does she have to give you "permission" to buy something? I'm sure she's gone on a spa-pampering day and not mentioned it, to say nothing of asking permission, until the bill came!

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    I've also heard it used when a lot of women were pregnant at a company I worked at. It was a humorous expression to query whether so many women were getting pregnant from there being something in the water that they all drank.

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    This is what i think it is ....... so if someone does something strange or whatever and then someone else does something strange its like its contagious .. so theres something in the water ...i dont know if that makes sense to you or not lol (:

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    ...from water is where a portion of life sprung unto land

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    Thanks to each and every one of you for the replies.

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