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What are the causes of climate change?

I need info for a project and I want to know what the main causes of global warming/ climate change are? ( more info on CO2 emission).

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    The second largest cause of global warming and environmental destruction is factory farming. This topic is great for projects because most people have no idea that it is so prevalent - you will probably have the most unique topic of anyone.

    Factory farming produces more pollution than ALL the vehicles, buses, airplanes, and ships in the entire world combined. It is responsible for 85% of topsoil loss, 60% of methane increase, etc. For example, if one person cuts out one meal of chicken per week for an entire year it is the same as taking 1/2 a million cars off US roads. If you want more information on this just google "meat industry contribution to global warming". It is one of the leading causes of ground and water pollution due to high volumes of waste (85000 pounds per day), as well as the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Go here and look at these statistics

    they are appalling. for the record, I do not suggest a strictly vegetarian diet, I am an environmentalist and wish to see the world return to ethical efficient safe farming practices as the current practices are utterly destroying the environment and thus largely contributing to global warming. The other thing that would be good to touch on is paper alternatives, for example staples currently offers notebooks in which the paper is made from sugar cane pulp. It is an incredibly renewable resource and billions of tons is thrown out every year.

    Using 100% percent post consumer recycled paper products. they are not any more expensive and safe billions of trees. You can get toilet paper, printer paper, notebook paper. You can even use recycled plastic mechanical pencils and pens. We could improve public transportation and make more fuel efficient cars (because we have had the technology to do so for over 50 years but the oil companies were money hungry). We can turn off the lights more, and turn down the heat in the winter. Keep the air conditioner a few degrees warmer and you'll have a huge impact on global change. Buy the reusable shopping bags at Wal-mart. They are only a dollar and can be used for lots of things. Then remember to take them to the grocery store. One of the other biggest things that can be done is inform the people around you that it is real. There are many people that very ignorantly believe that we don't have to do anything.

    One great example is the mere fact that if One person, cuts out one meal of chicken per week for an entire year, it is the same as taking 1/2 million cars off the road. Isn't that crazy!? Imagine what would happen if everyone did that. I am a vegan myself, and I encourage people to eat less meat, but you don't have to cut it out entirely in order for it to make a huge impact.

    this is another place for great facts on the meat industry and how harmful it is to the environment

    good luck! this is a great project either way!

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    YES!!!! Cars are evil!!!!! Don't you know? The Ice Age ended - know why? Cave men and their goddam SUVs that's why. The Mesopotamians drove cars, that's what caused the Holocene Maximum. The Roman chariots had internal combustion engines. And the Vikings, their ships actually ran on diesel. Had to be, otherwise how could warming have happened? OK all humor aside - it COULD be us this time, and the FACT that it has happened MANY times in the past, including within human history, with zero human involvement, does not necessarily mean that it's not us this time. But it DOES mean that you can't just INFER that it's us because of the very rough overlap between the industrial revolution and the present warming / warmth (hottest year on record was 1998, it's been 9 years, I think we're entitled to question whether it's even still warmING). And that inference, and our inability to prove that it's something else, is all the "proof" there is. Since the Industrial Revolution began we humans have added CO2 to the atmosphere. The total increase, human and non-human combined, is 1 / 11,000ths of the atmosphere. Whoop-de-damn do.

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    the meat industry can be held hugely accountable for the problems now with the ozone layer. the mass production of animals and the gases they release is a problem. also the fact that huge areas of the rain forest are cut down to grow feed for these animals means that the trees that should be collecting CO2 are not there anymore. methane is a big worry now it's what we all expel when we burp but animals are very big problem more people need to be vegetarian. in the past(1950's) cfc's chlorofluorocarbons were used to make the elements for fridges and kettles etc.these are extremely harmful to our atmosphere as that react with ozone O3 releasing a radical chlorine atom that removes all ozoneO3 that it comes into contact with which is really bad.supposedly cfc's will be gone from our atmosphere within the next 80yrs!! we hope!! check out dr james lovelock google or wikipedia he is a very well respected earth scientist even though at the moment he is a fan of nuclear energy which is a DREADFUL idea. lead in petrol was another doozy decided by the same man that thought using cfc's was a good idea i can't remember the name of that guy. at the moment we live in the oil era. it's very bad.

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    the main causes of global warming are gas emissions and the fumes put into the air by butchering cows and stuff...the gas car emit into the air is depleting the layer of ozone surrounding us that keeps out the sun's harmful rays which is warming our earth (this is also refered to the greenhouse gas effect)

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    Increased solar output.

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    Farting of the bovine species and termite colonies.

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