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How much does it cost to start playing golf?

whats the cost for clubs, membership, clothes etc. Just mid range gear, but not second hand. And how much would it cost to continue to play fairly often (twice a week)

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    I started in July 2007, between games and equipment, I spent $1300+. I play on public courses, I bought what is called a Trail Pass in our area which gives a reduced rate at different courses. I bought a starter set of clubs which were the last set at a small golf store. I got them for half price. If there is an Academy in your area, you can get 75 reload golf balls for less than $20. You will loose a lot of balls in the beginner so don't pay a lot for them.

    You can save on lessons if you get a friend to take them with you. The pros usually have a group rate. As for clothes wear collared shirts and non-denium shorts you may already have.

    Last year, I upgraded my clubs, bought another trail pass and a promotion offer at another course, played about 60 times and spent around $2550.

    Golf is like everything else, shop around.

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    I would agree that mid range clubs would be around $700. Starter sets, which are full sets of clubs and a bag, can cost under $200. While they are not great quality, they might be helpful if you're trying to get started on a budget. Buying used clubs can also be a good strategy for putting together a decent set without breaking the bank. I know you don't want second hand, but you can get really good stuff for cheap if you go that route.

    A membership is only needed if you're planning to join a club, and that would be an unlikely move for someone who is interested in learning the game. The cost of memberships vary greatly. In some parts of the USA you can join a club for around $1000, and in others that wouldn't even cover 5% of the initiation fee much less the dues and fees. However, the latter clubs aren't usually the kind you join, they're the kind you're INVITED to join. You won't want to join a club until you're sure you enjoy golf. You're much better off cutting your teeth on public courses which tend to be less difficult, and are often full of less experienced players.

    Playing at public courses is not that expensive. For one, a beginner will have a much better time if they play in the afternoon when the course is less crowded. Mornings tend to be more crowded and the regulars, the more experienced players, are out and they expect to get around the course in a fairly good pace. They're often not too patient with beginners. The good news is that most courses offer twilight, afternoon, rates that are often around 30-40% less than the morning rate. Public golf rates vary greatly by region as well. In rural areas you can play for under $20 if you walk the course. Many municipalities own and operate courses and offer great discounts to residents. I live in NJ which isn't the cheapest place to play golf and my local muni course is only $35 to walk in prime time if you're a resident. I would be surprised if you weren't able to find a round for under $50 regardless of where you live, and you might be able to play for much less than that.

    The dress code at almost any public course is, at most, collared shirt and no jeans. If you own a shirt with a collar and a pair of khaki pants or shorts then you're home free. You'll only need to get a pair of golf shoes, and that can be done for under $50.

    A beginner is usually better off playing the cheap distance balls since they tend to fly a bit straighter than the more expensive balls, and those are inexpensive, often around $10 a dozen. A decent mid range golf glove is around $10-12. Tees are dirt cheap, and that's about it.

    Golf is not a rich man's sport.Once you have a bag of clubs and the basic supplies you can play a lot and spend less in a year than a pack a day smoker spends on cigs.

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    How To Start Playing Golf

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    To start just to see if you even enjoy playing don't go out and buy anything. Lots of courses have rental sets you can use to play. I suggest going to a little 9 hole par 3 course with a driving range and using a rental set. A bucket of balls will probably run you about $10 if not less and playing the small course generally won't be more than $12 or so. Rentals are usually free or very cheap. They're not going to be the best clubs in the world, but they're something to play with. If you actually enjoy golfing and would like to get your own set of clubs I suggest checking ebay. I got a pretty good set of Adams GT Tight Lies irons for $75. If not that, look around for discount golf stores such as Golf Galaxy. They always have good clubs at affordable prices. As for golf balls, it really doesn't matter what kind you play with. Most balls are designed for pros or very good amateurs. As a beginner you won't have the swing speed or the skill to put spin on the ball and take advantage of the ball's technology.

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    Wal Mart has a complete set of golf clubs for $150.00. And you can just go to a driving range for $5.00 for a big bucket of range balls and start swinging. Because way to learn the game of golf is from the hole and back. Don't start with the driver, swinging for the fence, grab the putter and start sinking putts and then back up and chip. Because anyone can hit a golf ball 200 yards, but not many can hit the golf ball 100 yards out right next to the hole.

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    Mid range clubs: about 700$

    Mid range golf Balls: 25$ per box

    Greens fees 60$ per round, 15$ for cart if you want one

    Clothing, 60-80$ for collared shirt and pants/shorts

    Memberships to private clubs cost a lot, it could be over $10,000 just to join plus monthly fees but public courses are charged per round.

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