Why can't black people get it together?

Honestly. I know where i live ( Toronto, Canada) black people have the high rate of people using government assistance. Such as subsidized housing, Welfare, Childcare, etc.

I saw this on CNN. about 70% of black women in America have a child with someone they're not yet married to. In a lot of cases this man just walks off for various. a small portion actually get married LEGALLY.

In my community- i know a ton of black people who deal drugs.like Cocain, Weed, Ectasy and what ever else they deal. A decade ago they had the lowest graduation rate from high school and the lowest marks! ( this is somewhat improving). But in our schools.. the ones with the most black students ( and a mix of southern Americans) tend to be the worst. Most crime, less graduates etc.

ON THE STREET-, oh man. Atleast where i live they're really disrespectful ( some but they're are some who are nice). Noisy, fight the most on the public bus. Kiss their teeth. The boys who think they're hood. where baggy everything and a fitted hat. Girls i don't really have to much of oppinion but can be really bad.

On Television-I see Barack Obama. Oprah , Will Smith, The new head of the Republican party i believe is black. and thats mostly it. They talk about black history sometimes but today whats going on? I see drug addicts. stupid rappers like the " BIRDMAN" wtf? who talk about women like they;re worthless. Use the N word like it's nothing when it's a racist term. And YELL racist when a white guy uses it but its ok to call my friend a ******? cause im black?

Seriously why can't they? Maybe im just losing it?


oh or Michael Vick? Michael Jackson uhh.. yea?

Update 2:

i didn't mean all blacks i just hate the fact when a black person tries do something succesfull they get brought down.

EXAMPLE: Some black people where saying Barack Obama is not black enough.

Update 3:

ANOTHER Example. Where i live My section of townhouses are subsidized by the government they are so dirty!!! Filth trash everywhere.

Just across they're are town houses there that have less filth. And it's just across. It will take me literraly 30 seconds to walk/jog there. But you see the difference!

Update 4:

city Girl. I know they;re are some i don't mean ALL black people. Im black. My stepbrother ( black) and step sister were pushed through school and stuff. But when i take a quick look where i live and check out things. It's just bad. Yes it does have to do with environment. If i could make legislation i would make people living in government housing work more. Can you believe some people they're live in 3 bedroom apartments and only pay $250 in rent? They cheat the system. You obviously don;t and i admire you for that. More black people should be like u.

Update 5:

Lady Moe 34- Im black i don't find it ignorant at all. When you love your kids and you can obviously see they're making mistakes will you not point them out on it? Maybe you weren't raised like that but i was. In witchita you probably know why you can;t get a job? It's whats associated with you being black. When they see black they see stupid gangsters who treat women like trash. That why you can't get the job and that's where PREJUDICE i see comes from. I don;t 100% agree with white but when you look at the KKK what are they're arguments based on? They see people like Lil Wayne with his diamond teeth and think. What the hell? no wonder are country is messed. It;s not just because your black.

Update 6:

Maybe where you people live its different. Hopefully most of you have heard of Toronto. There is so much and it is so much abused. Then it's the middle class who has to pay for this non sense. That why taxes in our city ( property) were raised!

Update 7:

Jimmy C this is the same stupidity i'm talking about here. It's like i push my self to try and be successful and get some answers questioned and because i ask something that goes against my race you don't think i'm black? Ignorant.

Update 8:

Mark Hensely- i always knew they're were more whites in America on welfare.. because they're are more whites in America then blacks! White take up like 80% of the population what would you expect? but when you get percentage wise more blacks are on Welfare. And i was just adressing welfare, they can get welfare, i just feel they're needs to be more work to earn it.

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    In the United States the majority of people on welfare are white. Blacks are the poster child for entitlement, but we are not the main group with our hand out. This does not begin to answer your question, but what it accomplishes from jump, our white counter parts may not be on the silver screen but they too have generational abject poverty very much the same as black people. In fact, anymore you can see them hanging together on the porch braiden hair and smoking cigarettes. The reaon why black people cannot get it together is because of a myriad of issues. The first being, we do not know our history, nor is it important. Until Barack Obama was elected President, the very ones who need to understand where they came from and why the conditions are so dire, had very little interest and lacked a healthy respect for the civil rights movement. It happened to long ago.

    Impoverished minds and equally impoverished ideals because the individual is morally weak. Crack cocaine, marijuana, excessive drinking has taken away the will and the discipline to do better in life. The social policies of jail has the majority of the A Team behind jail bars. Some of this is because it is their fault. Rapper T.I. is a good example on this point. He was his own worse enemy. He got it, but he is still in jail. You couldn't tell him nothing at the time. Wouldn't it be nice if our black athletes finished school and went to run for mayor like former Phoenix guard Kevin Johnson, become a thriving business man like Magic Johnson? Many don't think past their playing days like Charles Barkley. Think of all the good he could do, in order for us to get ourselves together with his straight talk. Instead, Sir Charles is straight in jail. Parents need to be parents, not best friends. The Church needs to be church, not a business. A man needs to be a Father, a woman a Mother. In both cases reaching for the best and highest traditions of making the case to shape the next generation's future. It will take a all knowing God to save us from ourselves, we do not seem to have a enough sense to do better as a whole. I hope to live to see it, just like my parents lived to see a black President in the last few years of their lives.

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    1 decade ago

    Its the way they want to live or they would try to better them self.They don't even try to get an education.The men dont do anything but breed and the women do try to take care of their children but when you have children by different men that in no way are planning to support them ,will then its hard for the mother.Most all black women and children life off of welfare or at least use it to make ends meet.Now I must say that its almost as bad in the other races here in the USA.No morals every one sleeps around and so what if they get pregnant the government will take care of it until that child repeats the same process.We are a society that just don't give a crap anymore.IM amazed as a nurse that there is unplanned pregnancies now days you cant tell me all of these babies are from broken condoms.

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    Well I guess I'm the exception to all this madness you're talking about regarding black people. I don't live in the ghetto, I don't ACT ghetto, I don't live off the government, I graduated high school, I now attend college, Oh, and I don't have a child!

    I think its mostly because of the house I was raised in. My mother was always on my tail about getting an education and being independent. And because of her I have my head on straight.

    I guess it has alot to do with the household you were raised in and your environment. If you're around alot of negativity, most likely you're going to act out because of it. Thank goodness my mother (even though she was a single mother) made sure I was not exposed to negativity and she did her best by me.

    You ask why they can't get it together? They can. They just need motivation and positive role models. Alot of black people in the ghetto don't get that. I think there should be more inner city progams that can help these people become better citizens and want to do positive things with their life.

    • Why is a government program always the solution to the black problem? You know what the solution to the black problem is? It's parenting. The government is not a parent and a government program is not going to help. You shouldn't need help from someone in government to become a better citizen.

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    Both in Canada and the USA - too much Freedom and No Discipline leads to bad things.

    The Culture in North America has brought about a Society that interprets

    Freedom as being able to do whatever feels good regardless of the consequences.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not all black people share the culture you describe. That culture is a problem, but there are also many white people with that culture too. A lot of the issue is really with inner-city existence, where blacks happen to be overrepresented, but anyone who grows up there is like that.

  • Kelly
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    4 years ago

    Not really i would occasionally wear a brown pair of pants with a black tshirt or something like that but just casual. I do wear tan pants and black though, more of a kahki or beige color but not brown no i dont think it looks right just how i dont really like dark blue and black. I will wear dark jeans and black but i really dont like navy blue with black i think it looks weird.

  • 4 years ago

    Why subjugate black people as if there the only ones who need to get it together?

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree.

    Most don't act civilized at all.

    They act like a bunch of jerks out in public.

    (unless there's only one black person and the rest of the group is all white, then they shut their mouth)

    But what is really bad:

    In all of the major inner cities they committ 90% of the robberies,rapes and murders

    Source(s): Then they wonder why white people don't like them, want to be near them or nor live anywhere close to them.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its a shame,

    some balcks believe in fatalism and white race discrimination against them to the extent that they just go around blaming others for their failures...

    they dont understand that no one gives it to you, you have to take it

  • 1 decade ago

    For some reason I wonder if you are really as black as you say.

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