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do you burn calories from throwing up?

if you throw up, how many calories do you burn?

do you burn calories from not eating?

how do you tell when its all up?

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    Not sure but it is a hell of a great ab workout!

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    You'd burn a few calories from the action of throwing up, but you're maybe talking two.

    You'd lose the calories from whatever was thrown up that otherwise weren't processed. They're not technically burnt though.

    And if you throw up enough, your body's metabolism will get thrown out of whack so that it will burn dramatically fewer calories elsewhere since it's been taught to extract as much as it can from whatever is consumed -- it essentially goes into starvation mode.

    If you want to burn calories, exercise, even if it's just going for walks.

    And if you're throwing up, it should not be with calorie burning anywhere in mind. It'll screw up the body and ultimately backfire as a "diet" strategy. You might lose a few calories in the moment, but the body will overcompensate in the other direction over the long-term.

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    You burn calories doing anything at all, including breathing. The thing is, you don't burn enough calories doing things like breathing and throwing up to amount to much. As well, purging and otherwise starving yourself trains your body to store as much fat as possible.

    If you have very little calorie intake, and don't get enough exercise, you are not doing your body any favors.

    Weight loss is easy math. There are absolutely no complaxities to it at all. Anyone who ever says any different is either trying to sell you something or has been sold to themselves.

    To be healthy and trim, you need do only two things. Eat properly and get off your butt. The math is equally simple: Burn a comparable amount of calories to those you consume.

    Here is the reason people are unhealthy:

    When we were still living in huts, hunting, and gathering, we got lots of exercise. We were healthy, and ate a balanced diet. The reason you have things like a food pyramid is to show you what humans have evolved to eat, and in what quantities our bodies expect to receive these respective foods.

    If you go around eating 3 giant meals a day and work in an office sitting in a chair, you are going to gain weight. Period.

    Since our bodies are evolved to receive a certain amount of nutrition, and since that nutrition comes stuffed inside too many calories for an office job, you have to get off your tail and exercise.

    If you want proof, look at before and after pictures of people who joined the military. I've seen some very heavy people go in, and trim, fit soldiers come out. All the Army does is feed you properly and work your butt off. That is the ONLY way to properly lose weight and gain muscle.

    Eating properly involves eating things the way they were meant to be eaten. There isn't a single thing wrong with butter that a lack of gluttony won't cure. Likewise, red meat is incredibly good for you, and so are eggs, bread, and all the wonderful things people ignorantly tell each other to stay away from.

    You just have to remember, early man didn't kill a mammoth every day, and he never put an entire stick of butter on his morning toast. That said, the meals we serve for supper nowadays would have been considered a feast in his time, and he worked much harder in his life.

    You must eat like he ate. Small meals, many times a day. Balance your intake of varied foods, and remember to eat meat as well a couple of times a week.

    You want to have a body like a cave person? Eat and exercise like a cave person. You can eat as much food as you want, just be sure to burn off the extra calories.

    And remember, storing a little fat is a GOOD thing. You want a reserve as a buffer to get you through the day, you just don't want to add to it faster than you use it up.

    There is absolutely NO complication to these things. Anyone who says differently is flat out wrong, and if they are educated on the matter, they are a liar. There is a proper proportion for a human. Not everyone meets it, and that doesn't mean they are any less of a good person. What it does mean, however, is that they may want to consider changing their habits to be more healthy, for themselves.

    Not for others, for yourself. And don't puke all over the place trying to lose weight!

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    well when you throw up, you're either throwing up all the calories from the food you ate, or you're throwing up stomach acid, either way it gets ur heart pumping.. just don't throw up if you haven't eaten anything, if u eat celery, it takes more calories to burn then to consume, so it's basically eating negative calories!

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    You wont burn calories from it. you just burn the lining of your throat making you voice change to really rhaspy and unattractive with continuation.

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    If you throw up, you lost your energy. If you do not eat anything. There is nothing to burn.

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    Eating healthy and exercising is the way to a smoking body...nothing more attractive then an atheletic chick...

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    throwing up doesn't even help, your body ends up taking the calories anyway and what you throw up is usually water

    that's not safe

    get hellp

  • noo. no.no. don't even think about doing that its not healthy

    its really bad for your hair and teeth will fall out.. its gross.. exercise

    will burn calories.. :]

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