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Is it possible to join the NSW POLICE FORCE with a history of anxiety?


When i was 14, i had anxiety for about 3 months, and was taking Zoloft to help it. I am now 20, and would like to join the NSW Police Force. Will they accept me? Do you know anyone who has been accepted into the Police Force with a similar anxiety problem?

P.S. I do not take Zoloft anymore, nor have anxiety!

Thank You!

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    Yes it's could be possible to join the force. You will probably have to take a physical and be honest and tell the doctor your past medical history. Not trying is failing. Most of us has experiences anxiety at some time or another. Good luck.

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    In order to join the force, you will probably have to pass a psychological screening. Your past history could be relevant, because presumably your anxiety was due to stress, and could recur under the stress of police work. It is best to tell the truth if they ask you about your medical/psychological history.

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    No it shouldn't hurt you from getting the job. That was years ago when you were going through puberty. good Luck.

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    Yes.As long as you past the tests you will be fine.

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