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Child Modelling? For 12 Year Old Various Pics Attached?

Hey, I'm 12years old, nearly 13, I love having my photo taken, and I was wondering, first of all Have I got what it takes????

second of all- Can you recommend a reputable modelling agency around the Southampton, Winchester etc... Area. No fees involved thank you xxx

PS Some of the attached photos are quite old, just tell me what you think PLEASE on the whole. COPY AND PASTE INTO BROWSER

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    Hey - I have worked in the industry for many years and LOVE helping point people in the right direction when they are starting off to avoid scams.

    First if you don't mind, I will give an opinion on your look. Red Hair = FABULOUS!!!!! There are not many red-heads so you definitely have an edge. I see you have the pouty thing going on but the majority of childrens modeling is not high-fashion/pouty style. It is more commercial which means ... girl next door, smiling friendly type stuff. You know? It is great that your practicing in front of the camera, maybe start practicing that type of thing. Take out a catalog and take note of the girls you see that are your age. Notice their posing, expressions and try to mimic them in the mirror. You will notice that very few have that pouty type of look.

    Now, about agency work. Finding a reputable agency is tough ...there is soooo many scams out there. At a real agency you will NEVER have to pay a fee or anything. REAL agencies make their money, when you make yours. Meaning ... they make like 10-25% of what you make when you book a job. If they are making money off of "holding your photos" then why would they need to find you jobs. Do you get it?

    Second, you should never have to pay for photos. Good agencies will have connections with great photographers looking to update their books with new models. This is called a TFP - that means "trade for prints" you model for free and get portfolio picks and he shoots you for free and gets to practice new techniques for furture clients. It is a win-win. DONT PAY. There are some great TFP focused websites, but you should only join with your parents permission and attendance at the shoots. Most of the photographers on these sites are new ... only work with ones that have a studio and that will require parents at the shoot. The sites are and

    Back to the agencies, the best way to find a good one is open the yellow pages and look online and call each one and find out their "open call days". "Open call days" are days that photographers are looking too add new models to their agency. They will ask you to come in, with your parents, and interview you ... check out the pictures you have, probably take some poloroids to see how photogenic you are. Be prepared to get honest feedback. And be prepared for at least one scam. Again, you don't need classes and shouldn't pay anything to be a model.

    I hope this helps! If you have any more questions feel free to ask. i love to help!!!!

    ***by the way, to the people that say you look blah. um, ya they don't know what they are talking about. Your cute and have red hair. Clients call agencies all the time asking for red heads specifically ... when they want to shoot a diverse ad , its something they ask for. Be prepared for comments like this in the real modeling world. there will always be jealous people and people who don't like your look.****

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    It sounds like she's lying. Gucci doesn't wait for someone to change, they are already that way. If she hasn't modeled before then there is definitely no way it's true either! Even though I was the same size at 12 they would probably want someone taller. I think she's just trying to get some attention or maybe trying to have a reason for her not eating.

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    Sorry but I'm not seeing modeling potential in these pictures. They are all odd angles and silly poses. If you are 12 you should be looking into child modeling, and they want happy, smiling kids who look like kids. You look like a little kid who is trying to look mature, but it doesn't work. You look like thousands of other 12 year old girls

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    Um you aren't even old enough to shave under your arms. (You might want to delete that picture)

    And as a child you would be modeling happy kiddie things not "sexy" adult things. You have plenty of time to be an adult but only a few short years to be a kid.

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  • Never sorry hun. U just look blah. u can be average looking and love to take pics of yourself but that doesn't mean u could be a model.

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    what 12 year old asks about a reputable modeling agency???

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    Um, no offense, but no, i don't think you do have what it takes, you just look average. You should smile in the photos. Kids are supposed to be all smiley and cute.

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    Send your pictures to modles direct they are very nice people there and they will judge your pics and let you know whether you have what it takes! Don't do poses like you have in those pictures! Do a head shot will a strong eye expression, full body shot with one leg infront og the other!

    Good Luck =]

    x =] Have A Good Night [= x

    p.s. it is in the UK by the way!!! =] LOL

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    You are much too young to be concerned with modeling. Stick with your schoolwork, and perhaps in 5 years reconsider it.

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    You're lovely....but child models don;t look all sultry like that...they're expected to smile a lot..and look like children. The faces you're pulling are right for older models.

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